The Real Estate and Valuation Undergraduate Research Conference (REVURC) 2024

The Real Estate and Valuation Undergraduate Research Conference 2024 (REVURC 2024) organised by the Department of Estate Management and Valuation in line with the International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) 2024 was successfully held on 28th of February 2024 from 08.30am to 02.00pm at the premises of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
This conference aimed to foster a research culture among undergraduates, providing a platform for presenting the findings of the independent research studies conducted during their final year. This year’s conference showcased fifteen outstanding research presentations representing both 2017/18 and 2018/19 academic batches, and the abstracts of all final year students of the same two batches were compiled into the Real Estate and Valuation Undergraduate Research Conference 2024′ proceedings book.
An esteemed panel of discussants who have expert knowledge in real estate attended the conference and shared their insights and provided constructive feedback on the presentations to improve the studies further.
Prof. N. C. Wickramaarachchi was the Undergraduate Research Coordinator while Ms. Hashini T. Wickremasinghe, Mr. Yasheema Kumuduni and Mr. Nimasha Sugathadasa held the positions of Conference Chair, Secretary and Treasurer respectively at REVURC 2024. The conference received an audience of around 120 participants including the academic and industry participants, paper presenters and the undergraduates of year III and IV.
The details of the fifteen presentations are as follows.
S. P. Upeksha Samanmali Chandrasekara – Valuers’ Perspective of the Impact of ESG on the Market Value of Commercial Property Valuation
B. S. N. Mendis – Property Valuation Under Abnormal Uncertainty Amidst PostCOVID Economic Crisis of Sri Lanka: Valuers’ Perspective
M. M. Heshani Vidarshika Munasinghe – Fostering Digital Transformation in Residential Real Estate Industry in Sri Lanka: The Case of Proptech-enabled Smart Residential Project TRI-ZEN
A. G. Ruwan Tharaka Jayasekara – Relationship between Housing Market Trends and Urbanization in Colombo Municipal Council Area
R. M. Maheshika Madhuwanthi Rathnayake – Determinants of Demand for Residential Real Estate Case Study of Maharagama Urban Council area in Colombo District
Y. D. Dimali Dushmila – Impact of Economic Crisis on Sustainability of Performance systems in High-rise Residential Buildings in Colombo Urban Area
D. G. A. Samitha Nipun Fernando – A study on SL-REITs falling short of execution and its affinity to the Asian REITs’ Regulatory Framework
U. J. G. I. Samodhi Jayasekara – Impact of Restricting the Supply of Inorganic Fertilizer on Paddy Production with Special Reference to Kantale DSD Area in Trincomalee District
B. M. Ranjana Sandamali Basnayaka – Exploring the Impact of Shared Workspaces on Employee Satisfaction, Productivity, Costs with a special focus on the Colombo area, Sri Lanka
T. M. Hashini Erandika – Development of Sustainable and Cost-effective Housing Designs for Low-income Communities in Sri Lanka
P. Markwaugh Haisek Exploring The Indicators of Sustainability Failures In Low-Income Housing in Colombo District
W. M. S. Udayangani Wannisingha – Ruralization of Urban Spaces in the Context of Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka
L. Y. G. Sachini Lahiruni Kularathna – A Study on Strategies adopted by Residential Condominium Developers during an Economic Crisis : Case of Sri Lanka
L. B. Shehan Madushanka – The Living Conditions of Tenants in Boarding Houses Within Walkable Distance from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura
H. M. A. G. T. M. Aluthgedara – Modifications to Corporate Real Estate Layout in the Presence of the COVID – 19 Outbreak and Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

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