Uplifting local entrepreneurs to international markets: MOU between Marketing Management Dept. & Ministry of Rattan, Brass, Clay, Furniture, and Rural Industry Promotion

An agreement was signed between the State Ministry of Rattan, Brass, Clay, Furniture, and Rural Industry Promotion and the Department of Marketing Management (DMM) on the 7th of October 2021 in the State Minister Office.

The agreement would facilitate cooperation in the transfer and exchange of knowledge and expertise of the Department of Marketing Management towards the achievement of the objectives of the Ministry holding Marketing Promotions at the centre of focus. This is mainly for promoting selected entrepreneurs in the nation to uplift them to cater the both local and international markets with a novel approach.

The Secretary of the ministry and the Head of the department were held responsible for implementing the activities that were proposed by the DMM under the agreement.

The State Minister of Rattan, Brass, Pottery, Furniture and Rural Industrial Promotion, Hon. Prasanna Ranaweera’s participation was acknowledged at the signing ceremony together with Mr. M.A.B.V. Bandaranayake, Secretary. Mr. A. Lakkathas, Additional Secretary, Mr. A.F.Arif, Director (Vidatha) Mr.U.K.B.L.Priyadarshana, Director (Development), also joined hands representing the Ministry. Mr.Sampth Erahapola, the Chairman of the National Craft Council also stood thereby taking part in the ceremony.

Representing the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Senior Prof. Sudantha Liyanage, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P.D. Nimal, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, Prof. (Ms) Amila Jayarathne, Head, Department of Marketing Management, Senior Prof. Neville Warnakulasooriya, Prof. Lalith Chandralal, Prof. (Ms). Asoka Malkanthie, Coordinator of the project  and Dr. (Ms). Sandamali Galdolage participated in signing the agreement.

At the signing ceremony, both party representatives expressed their satisfaction at the signing of the Agreement, with the expectation of enhancing the overall quality of the achievement of the objectives of the agreement.

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