USJ Engineering undergrads launched “Quarantine Care” app to be used in self-quarantine with COVID-19

Undergraduates of the Faculty of Engineering, USJ launched “Quarantine Care” app to be used in self-quarantine with COVID-19. You can now download the “Quarantine Care” app, which can be your companion in the unfortunate situation of being required to self-quarantine during this COVID-19 pandemic. The app has the following features.

  • Record patient profile and frequently update health status securely in your phone (this data is not uploaded to the internet and kept securely in your phone).
  • Option to share your patient profile and health data history with your doctor or any other person.
  • Provide General Health Care tips.
  • Provide emergency contact numbers.
  • Provide important contact details (PHI, emergency contact numbers, etc.).
  • Provide live COVID-19 status.

The app can be downloaded through:…/Quarant…/raw/main/Quarantine%20Care.apk
(We are in the process of making it available through the Google Play Store)

This app, still in the state of a ‘beta version’, by no means is a replacement for professional medical care so please comply with government healthcare guidelines. However, can collaborate with any reputed interested party to develop this app towards a comprehensive healthcare platform to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

This app is developed from the scratch by Tishan Ravisanka and Yashodha Lakshana in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, based on the guidance provided by us. All the contact information and stats are obtained through official sources. Do not intend to use this app for any commercial purpose at its present form. They extend sincere gratitude towards Senior Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Chairman of UGC, for providing with funding for the project, Dr. Kaushalya Haththotuwa for being kind enough to provide many related information and Prof. Gathsaurie Neelika Malavige for the kind motivation. Special thanks to Prof. Madhusanka Liyanage, who inspired the undergraduates to develop this App. We sincerely hope that this App will be helpful towards battling the COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka.

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