USJ Researchers published 33 Scopus Indexed papers in July 2022


Researchers from Science, Medical, Technology, Engineering, Management, Computing and Graduate Studies Faculties published Thirty-three research papers in Journals indexed by Elsevier Scopus during the month July 2022. Thirty-five researchers from USJ contributed to this achievement. The web publishing team of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura acknowledges their contribution to upgrading the research standards of the University and expanding the knowledge base in the relevant subject areas.

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Row Number Document Title Authors Year Source
1 Blended Learning Approaches in Nursing Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review Ilankoon, I.M.P.S., Kisokanth, G., Warnakulasuriya, S.S.P. 2022 Education in Medicine Journal, 14(2), pp. 103-109.
2 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in a lower-middle income country: A survey from Sri Lanka Rohanachandra, Y.M., Chandradasa, M., Dahanayake, D.M.A. 2022 International Journal of Social Psychiatry.
3 Comparison of the immunogenicity of five COVID-19 vaccines in Sri Lanka Jeewandara, C., Aberathna, I.S., Danasekara, S., (…), Ogg, G.S., Malavige, G.N. 2022 Immunology.
4 Comparison of the Properties of Biodiesel-Bioethanol-Diesel Blended Fuel Viraj Miyuranga, K.A., De Silva, S.J., Arachchige, U.S.P.R., Jayasinghe, R.A., Weerasekara, N.A. 2022 Asian Journal of Chemistry, 34(7), pp. 1809-1813.
5 Data Analysis and Filter Optimization for Pulse-Amplitude Measurement: A Case Study on High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy Mannatunga, K.S., Valinoti, B., Samayoa, W.F., (…), Garcia, L.G., Carrato, S. 2022 Sensors, 22(13), art. no. 4776.
6 Dengue and COVID-19: two sides of the same coin Malavige, G.N., Jeewandara, C., Ogg, G.S. 2022 Journal of Biomedical Science, 29(1), art. no. 48.
7 Deposition of trace metals associated with atmospheric particulate matter: Environmental fate and health risk assessment Vithanage, M., Bandara, P.C., Novo, L.A.B., (…), Ranagalage, M., Magana-Arachchi, D.N. 2022 Chemosphere, 303, art. no. 135051.
8 Development of ginger, turmeric oleoresins and pomegranate peel extracts incorporated pasteurized milk with pharmacologically important active compounds Jayathilake, A.L., Jayasinghe, M.A., Walpita, J. 2022 Applied Food Research, 2(1), art. no. 100063.
9 Efficacy of rupatadine in reducing the incidence of dengue haemorrhagic fever in patients with acute dengue: A randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial Malavige, G.N., Jeewandara, C., Wijewickrama, A., (…), Sahabandu, P., Ogg, G.S. 2022 PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 16(6), p. e0010123.
10 Exploring a Comfort Zone in Side-by-Side Communication for Human-Robot Interaction Manawadu, U.A., Deen, M.A.H., De Silva, P.R.S. 2022 2022 2nd International Conference on Image Processing and Robotics, ICIPRob 2022.
11 Ferrozine colorimetry and reverse flow injection analysis (rFIA) based method for the determination of total iron in aqueous solutions at nanomolar concentrations Cooray, A.T., Pullin, M.J. 2022 Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 99(7), art. no. 100541.
12 Handling the Sludge When Using Polyaluminum Chloride as a Coagulant in the Potable Water Treatment Process Sajath, S.H.M., Nihmiya, A.R., Arachchige, U.S.P.R. 2022 Nature Environment and Pollution Technology, 21(2), pp. 617-624.
13 Immune responses to Sinopharm/BBIBP-CorV in individuals in Sri Lanka Jeewandara, C., Aberathna, I.S., Pushpakumara, P.D., (…), Ogg, G.S., Malavige, G.N. 2022 Immunology.
14 Impact of CEO Characteristics on Capital Structure: Evidence from a Frontier Market De Silva, L.G.R.V., Banda, Y.K.W. 2022 Asian Journal of Business and Accounting, 15(1), pp. 71-101.
15 Information needs and mHealth applications for carers of people with dementia in managing behavioural and psychological symptoms of care recipients: an integrative review protocol Jagoda, T., Rathnayake, S., Dharmaratne, S. 2022 BMJ open, 12(6), p. e060414.
16 Kinetics of immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 proteins in individuals with varying severity of infection and following a single dose of the AZD1222 Jayathilaka, D., Jeewandara, C., Gomes, L., (…), Townsend, A., Malavige, G.N. 2022 Clinical and experimental immunology, 208(3), pp. 323-331.
17 Machine Learning Algorithm-Based Prediction Model for the Augmented Use of Clozapine with Electroconvulsive Therapy in Patients with Schizophrenia Oh, H.S., Lee, B.J., Lee, Y.S., (…), Park, Y.C., Park, S.-C. 2022 Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(6), art. no. 969.
18 Measuring quality in colorectal cancer surgery in low- and middle-income countries: The Clavien-Dindo classification in a Sri Lankan cohort Lindholm, S., Lindskogen, S., Gamage, B., Kurlberg, G., Ljungman, D. 2022 Annals of Medicine and Surgery, 79, art. no. 104018.
19 Molecular Epidemiology of AY.28 and AY.104 Delta Sub-lineages in Sri Lanka Ranasinghe, D., Jayathilaka, D., Jeewandara, C., (…), Ogg, G.S., Malavige, G.N. 2022 Frontiers in public health, 10, p. 873633.
20 Potential Use of Emerging Technologies for Preservation of Rice Wine and Their Effects on Quality: Updated Review Pei, J., Liu, Z., Huang, Y., (…), Brennan, C., Tao, Y. 2022 Frontiers in Nutrition, 9, art. no. 912504.
21 Re-designing a regulatory scale for dynamic assessment in the synchronous text chat environment in collaboration with teachers Piyumi Udeshinee, W.A., Knutsson, O., Barbutiu, S.M., Jayathilake, C. 2022 Computer Assisted Language Learning.
22 Relationship Between Baseline Rectal Tumor Length and Magnetic Resonance Tumor Regression Grade Response to Chemoradiotherapy: A Subanalysis of the TRIGGER Feasibility Study Hodges, N., Battersby, N., Rao, S., (…), Lynch, R., Gamage, B. 2022 Annals of Surgical Oncology.
23 Response and Survival Estimates of Patients With Plasma Cell Myeloma in a Resource-Constrained Setting Using Protocols From High-Income Countries: A Single-Center Experience From Sri Lanka Hewamana, S., Gunasena, P., Jayasinghe, C., (…), Wijesiriwardena, B., Balawardena, J. 2022 JCO global oncology, 8, p. e2100352.
24 Stress and resilience and associated factors among nursing undergraduates in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic Nashath, S.F., Ilankoon, I.M.P.S. 2022 International Journal of Public Health Science, 11(3), pp. 836-845.
25 Ten Years of Change in Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery in the Asia–Pacific Region with COVID-19 Pandemic: IFSO-APC National Reports 2021 Ohta, M., Ahn, S.M., Seki, Y., (…), Wang, C., Kasama, K. 2022 Obesity Surgery.
26 The Third Space, mimics and ambivalence of HRM in the Global South: a postcolonial reading Jayawardena, D. 2022 Critical Perspectives on International Business.
27 Theatrical Robotic Actor Developed Using the Interpersonal Communication Principles Manawadu, U.A., Perera, J.D.H.S., Deepal, D.A.A., Fernando, W.A.R., De Silva, P.R.S. 2022 2022 2nd International Conference on Image Processing and Robotics, ICIPRob 2022.
28 Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in standardised first few X cases and household transmission investigations: A systematic review and meta-analysis Lewis, H.C., Marcato, A.J., Meagher, N., (…), Watare, S.H., Yadav, K. 2022 Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses.
29 Utilization of statins in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: the practice in a lower middle income South Asian country Matthias, A.T., Kaushalya, J., Somathilake, G., Garusinghe, C. 2022 International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries.
30 Worsening economic crisis in Sri Lanka: impacts on health Matthias, A.T., Jayasinghe, S. 2022 The Lancet Global Health, 10(7), p. e959.
31 YouTube Trending Video Analysis in Sri Lanka Diddeniya, S.I.A.P., Gunasinghe, H.N., Premachandra, C. 2022 2022 2nd International Conference on Image Processing and Robotics, ICIPRob 2022.
32 Zirconium Containing Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica: The Effect of Zr on CO2 Sorption at Ambient Conditions Gunathilake, C.A., Dassanayake, R.S., Fernando, C.A.N., Jaroniec, M. 2022 Journal of Composites Science, 6(6), art. no. 168.
33 The influence of particle size on the extraction ofcellulose nanofibers using chemical-ultrasonicprocess Ratnakumar, A. Samarasekara, A.M.P.B. Amarasinghe, D.A.S. Karunanayake, L. 2002 Materials Today:Proceedings 64,pp.274-278

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