USJ to establish R&D Promotion and Consultancy Centre

A Task Force has been appointed by Prof. Sampath Amarathunge, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, consisting a group of USJ senior academics to improve the  quality research and development.

The preliminary studies and situation analysis carryout by the Task Force and suggested the importance of establishing a  University of Sri Jayewardenepura Research & Development Promotion and Consultancy Centre (USJ-RDPCC). This will be developed into a fully-fledged R & D hub with Research Training capabilities to facilitate the requirements of other universities, research institutes, and the industries as well. It will operate as a National level Centre (Hub) that could assist research and development requirements of any Sri Lankan or foreign clients.

This proposed development intends to establish a Research Complex called Science and Innovation Park  (SIP)  at  the  University  of  Sri  Jayewardenepura  premises  including  a  Multidisciplinary Research Laboratories on Environmental Quality Assurance, Water Quality and Algae Studies, Advanced Materials Research (NANO Technology), Kidney Research, Dengue Research, Cancer Research,  DNA  Studies,  Drug  Quality  Assurance.  Also  it  will  house  faculty  wise  Research Programmes on: Medical Sciences (7 Projects),  Management & Business Development (4 Projects), Humanities and Social Science Research (3 Projects), Post Graduate Research (1 Project) including construction of a Convention Centre with IT and Video Conferencing facilities and a Press, International  Centre  etc.  and  a  Consultancy  Company  (a  special  purpose  vehicle to  undertake feasibility studies, EIAs and IEES of Public and Private Sectors   as well as market research and product development for the industry). The USJ-SIP is envisaged to be a research hub for Sri Lanka and beyond, particularly in the SAARC Region.

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