USJP consults industry experts to create innovative study courses for the Faculty of Engineering

A consultative meeting with industry experts with regard to the proceedings of the new Faculty of Engineering was held on 19th November 2015. The objective of this meeting was to discuss current status of the faculty and to present the proposed curriculum to leading entrepreneurs in order to obtain their views and comments on these heads. Participants of the discussion were Vice Chancellor Prof.Sampath Amaratunge, committee members in charge of planning study courses for the faculty and a group of  invitees which included officials from construction companies, engineering establishments, research & development institutions, hospital representatives, electrical engineering companies as well as eminent academics from other universities .

Welcoming the invitees, Prof.Sampath Amaratunge explained to the gathering about the growing requirement for engineering academics in today’s competitive world and the university’s aspirations to fulfill it, in its best capacity. He added that in this run, the expertise of the industry is essential. The university hopes to join hands with that expertise to build a progressive learning environment for the engineering students. The gathering was updated on the study courses drawn for the 4 year degree program in their four different courses namely, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical & electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.

A number of additions were suggested for further improvement of the study courses and also for producing quality and efficient engineering academics.


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