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The Chief Prelate (Mahanayake) of Kotte Sri Kalayani Samagri Dharma Maha Sangha Sabha of Siyam Maha Nikaya, Ven. Dr. Ittapana Dhammalankara Anu Nayake Maha Thero was newly appointed as the Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayawardanepura by President Maithripala Sirisena for 5 years.

Ven. Dr. Ittapana Dhammalankara Anu Nayake Maha Thero, was born as the youngest in a family of nine children. His birth name was Galatharage Don Peras. At the age of 14 he ordained a novice-monk with the appellation of Ven. Ittapana Dhammalankara under the guidance of Ven. Kiriwathtuduwe Sri Pragnasara Nayake Maha Thero, Ven. Hedipannala Sri Pragnaloka Maha Thero, Ven. Kotahene Sri Pragnakirthi Maha Thero and Ven. Bambarande Sri Seewali Maha Thero at Buddhist educational institution Vidyalankara Pirivena at Peliyagoda.

Due to the intellectual abilities of Ven Dhammalankara thero, was conferred with higher ordination after eight years. Thero received the first degree with second class honours from Vidyalankara University, in 1963. At present Ven. Anu Nayake Maha Thero, is the Chief Prelate (Mahanayake) of Kotte Sri Kalayani Samagri Dharma Maha Sangha Sabha – a highly prestigious position, in the Siamese sect of the Buddhist Sangha.

He has written several books about doctrinal matters, on various aspects of Buddhism and also a series of biographical volumes on the lives of prominent Buddhist monks, and one on Rev. Father Marceline Jayakody, described as the Catholic priest in the temple.

The Ven. Anu Nayake Maha Thero has been honoured both by the clergy and the laity, in recognition of his multi-faceted services to his religion, his country and his nation. He was felicitated with a special volume, presented to him by late Most Ven. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalarathana Anu Nayake Maha Thero, former Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura Titled “Santutthi“ (Happiness) it is, in a way, a fitting symbol of the admiration of the nation for him.

Reference: Sunday Times article on Ven. Dr. Ittapana Dhammalankara 75th Birthday at www.sundaytimes.lk/
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