USJ Forestry Department researchers discovered World’s largest pangolin

Giant Pangolin is the largest living pangolin in the world. In Sri Lanka, researchers found a pangolin that is more than the maximum body weight and size that is currently reported. Research team revealed the discovery to the media for the first time that the world’s largest pangolin was found in Mannar, Sri Lanka. In a few weeks, it will be officially revealed to the world through their research paper. Although the world’s largest pangolin was found in Sri Lanka no one was able to see it live yet. This is because the Sri Lankan pangolin, which is supposed to be one of the world’s largest pangolins, has already fallen prey to hunters.

As there was no scientific study of Sri Lanka’s pangolins the reserchers began their research in 2014 with three themes; to identify behavior of pangolins, their living conditions and the key issues in conservation. Preliminary research has been carried out in Yala, Wilpattu and Yagirala forests in Kalutara District. Pangolin research was conducted by a team of world renowned researchers including, Dr. Priyan Perera; Senior Lecturer, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science of USJ.


For more details : Visit BBC News

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