USJ Researchers published 40 Scopus Indexed papers in January 2022


Researchers from Science, Medical, Technology, Engineering, and Graduate Studies Faculties published forty five research papers in Journals indexed by Elsevier Scopus during December 2021. Fifty two researchers from USJ contributed to this achievement. The web publishing team of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura acknowledges their contribution to upgrading the research standards of the University and expanding the knowledge base in the relevant subject areas.

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Document Title Authors Year Source
Localized vibrations incorporated thickness assessment of cadaveric tympanic membranes using Doppler-optical coherence tomography Lee, E., Jeon, D., Seong, D., (…), Jeon, M., Kim, J. 2022 Optics and Laser Technology, 148, art. no. 107778.
Assessing the effectiveness of a three-way decision-making framework with multiple features in simulating human judgement of opinion classification Subhashini, L.D.C.S., Li, Y., Zhang, J., Atukorale, A.S. 2022 Information Processing and Management, 59(2), art. no. 102823.
A systematic review on adsorptive removal of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions: Recent advances Rajapaksha, A.U., Selvasembian, R., Ashiq, A., (…), Vithanage, M., Ok, Y.S. 2022 Science of the Total Environment, 809, art. no. 152055.
Diversity of microbial communities in hot springs of Sri Lanka as revealed by 16S rRNA gene high-throughput sequencing analysis Sadeepa, D., Sirisena, K., Manage, P.M. 2022 Gene, 812, art. no. 146103.
Occurrence of microplastics in commercial marine dried fish in Asian countries Piyawardhana, N., Weerathunga, V., Chen, H.-S., (…), Ranatunga, R.R.M.K.P., Hung, C.-C. 2022 Journal of Hazardous Materials, 423, art. no. 127093.
Harnessing biofertilizer from human urine via chemogenic and biogenic routes: Synthesis, characterization and agronomic application Biswas, J.K., Mondal, M., Majumdar, D., (…), Pant, D., Goel, R. 2022 Environmental Technology and Innovation, 25, art. no. 102152.
Seaweed derived alginate, agar, and carrageenan based edible coatings and films for the food industry: a review Jayakody, M.M., Vanniarachchy, M.P.G., Wijesekara, I. 2022 Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization.
LcaR: a regulatory switch from Pseudomonas aeruginosa for bioengineering alkane degrading bacteria Hemamali, E.H., Weerasinghe, L.P., Tanaka, H., Kurisu, G., Perera, I.C. 2022 Biodegradation.
Specific Skill Requirements within Prefabricated Residential Construction: Stakeholders’ Perspectives Rotimi, F.E., Almughrabi, F.M., Samarasinghe, D.A.S., Silva, C. 2022 Buildings, 12(1), art. no. 43.
Review on effect of postharvest illumination by fluorescent and ultraviolet light waves on the quality of vegetables Perera, W.P.T.D., Navaratne, S.B., Wickramasinghe, I. 2022 Journal of Food Process Engineering.
Digestive recovery of polyphenols, antioxidant activity, and anti-inflammatory activity of selected edible flowers from the family Fabaceae Janarny, G., Ranaweera, K.K.D.S., Gunathilake, K.D.P.P. 2022 Journal of Food Biochemistry.
Production of Bioethanol using Waste Fruits under Acid and Alkali Catalytic Hydrolysis: A Review de Silva, S.J., Arachchige, U.S.P.R., Nilmini, A.H.L.R. 2022 Asian Journal of Chemistry, 34(1), pp. 25-34.
Enhancing pv hosting capacity using voltage control and employing dynamic line rating Karunarathne, E., Wijethunge, A., Ekanayake, J. 2022 Energies, 15(1), art. no. 134.
Sargachromenol isolated from Sargassum horneri inhibits particulate matter-induced inflammation in macrophages through toll-like receptor-mediated cell signaling pathways Nagahawatta, D.P., Kim, H.-S., Jee, Y.-H., (…), Asanka Sanjeewa, K.K., Jeon, Y.-J. 2022 Marine Drugs, 20(1), art. no. 28.
Mid-Late Holocene Sub-Millennial Scale Inverse Trends of South Asian Summer and Winter Monsoons in Sri Lanka Gayantha, K., Roberts, P., Routh, J., (…), Chandrajith, R., Gleixner, G. 2021 Frontiers in Earth Science, 9, art. no. 789291.
Immune Responses to a Single Dose of the AZD1222/Covishield Vaccine at 16 Weeks in Individuals in Sri Lanka Jeewandara, C., Guruge, D., Pushpakumara, P.D., (…), Ogg, G.S., Malavige, G.N. 2021 Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 207(11), pp. 2681-2687.
Acceptability of home fortification with multiple micro-nutrients among Sri Lankan children Liyanage, G., Anupama, K.G.I.S., Sudarshini, M.L.P. 2021 PLoS ONE, 16(12 December), art. no. e0261516.
Briquettes Production as an Alternative Fuel Arachchige, U.S.P.R. 2021 Nature Environment and Pollution Technology, 20(4), pp. 1661-1668.
Metabolic syndrome in hypertensive and non-hypertensive subjects Senarathne, R., Hettiaratchi, U., Dissanayake, N., (…), Zaleem, S., Athiththan, L. 2021 Health Science Reports, 4(4), art. no. e454.
Multiphase Volatilization of Halogens at the Soil-Atmosphere Interface on Mars Wang, X., Zhao, Y.-Y.S., Hood, D.R., (…), Schmidt, M.E., Vithanage, M. 2021 Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 126(12), art. no. e2021JE006929.
The Global South political economy of health financing and spending landscape – history and presence Jakovljevic, M., Liu, Y., Cerda, A., (…), Khan, H.N., Varjacic, M. 2021 Journal of medical economics, 24, pp. 25-33.
Enteric Coated Oral Delivery of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle for Modified Release Vitamin D3Formulation Dissanayake, R.K., Perera, K.D.C., Perera, W.P.T.D., Wijesinghe, W.P.S.L., Unagolla, J.M. 2021 Journal of Nanomaterials, 2021, art. no. 9972475.
Effectiveness of newborn pulse oximetry screening for the identification of critical congenital heart disease in a tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka Gamhewage, N.C., Perera, K.S.Y., Weerasekera, M. 2021 Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 50(4), pp. 699-703.
Proximate Composition, Physicochemical, Functional, and Antioxidant Properties of Flours from Selected Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Varieties Nilusha, R.A.T., Jayasinghe, J.M.J.K., Perera, O.D.A.N., Perera, P.I.P., Jayasinghe, C.V.L. 2021 International Journal of Food Science, 2021, art. no. 6064545.
Poor socioeconomic state, stress, stunting and fatness are negatively associated with cognitive performance of female adolescents Madhushanthi, H.J.H., Wimalasekera, S.W., Goonewardena, C.S.E., Amarasekara, A.A.T.D., Lenora, J. 2021 Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 50(4), pp. 674-680.
Child sexual abuse presenting to a teaching hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka Rohanachandra, Y.M., Amarabandu, I., Dassanayake, P. 2021 Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 50(4), pp. 650-654.
Knowledge on seizures and their immediate management among preschool teachers in Colombo district Peiris, L.S., Wijesekara, D.S., Gamage, M., (…), Kumarasiri, H.N., Wettasinghe, C.A. 2021 Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 50(4), pp. 681-686.
Tackling water security: A global need of cross-cutting approaches Kumar, M., Gikas, P., Kuroda, K., Vithanage, M. 2022 Journal of Environmental Management, 306, art. no. 114447.
Finite element analysis of lightweight concrete-filled LSF walls exposed to realistic design fire Upasiri, I., Konthesingha, C., Nanayakkara, A., (…), Perampalam, G., Perera, D. 2022 Journal of Structural Fire Engineering.
Energy performance of fire rated LSF walls under UK climate conditions Perera, D., Upasiri, I.R., Poologanathan, K., (…), Hewavitharana, T., Suntharalingam, T. 2021 Journal of Building Engineering, 44, art. no. 103293.
Serum sex hormone levels and hormone receptor status in identifying breast cancer risk in women
MxyR of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Responds to Xylan; an Unusual Ligand for a MarR Family Transcriptional Regulator Mauran, S., Perera, N.T., Perera, I.C. 2022 Molekuliarnaia biologiia, 56(1), pp. 103-117.
Nanoporous materials for pesticide formulation and delivery in the agricultural sector Singh, G., Ramadass, K., Sooriyakumar, P., (…), Van Zwieten, L., Vinu, A. 2022 Journal of Controlled Release, 343, pp. 187-206.
Revisiting Forest Certification in Sri Lanka: The Forest Management and Export Wood-Based Manufacturing Sector Perspectives Perera, P., Rupasinghe, R.L., Weerasekera, D., Vlosky, R., Bandara, R. 2022 Forests, 13(2), art. no. 179.
Oxidative Stability of Vacuum-Packed Chicken Wings Marinated with Fruit Juices during Frozen Storage Rupasinghe, R.A., Alahakoon, A.U., Alakolanga, A.W., Jayasena, D.D., Jo, C. 2022 Food Science of Animal Resources, 42(1), pp. 61-72.
The prevalence and related factors of pre‐diabetes and diabetes among overweight and obese children in Urban schools Kisokanth, G., Indrakumar, J., Arulpragasam, A.N., Ilankoon, I.M.P.S. 2022 National Journal of Community Medicine, 13(1), pp. 27-31.
Anti-diabetic and anti-cancer related health food properties of selected Sri Lankan traditional rice based porridges Thushara, N., Malawiarachchi, P., Samarakoon, S.R., Godakumbura, P.I. 2022 Journal of Food Science and Technology.
Decontamination of pineapple (Ananas comosus) juice using ozone as a non-thermal sterilisation method Mapalagama, O.V., Amunugoda, P.N.R.J., Ranaweera, K.K.D.S. 2021 Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society, 9(5), art. no. (5).
Biodiesel-Alkaline Transesterification Process for Methyl Ester Production Arachchige, U.S.P.R., Miyuranga, K.A.V., Thilakarathne, D., Jayasinghe, R.A., Weerasekara, N.A. 2021 Nature Environment and Pollution Technology, 20(5), pp. 1973-1980.
A Framework for IoT-Enabled Smart Washrooms Thennakoon, I., Hewawasam, P., Wijesundara, D., (…), Gunawardena, L., Premachandra, C. 2021 2021 IEEE 10th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics, GCCE 2021, pp. 612-613.

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