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TT team marching towards a one aim………

This is a game played on a table. Yes it is. Speedy hand movements, quick decision makings and eyes of an eagle are a must when you play this game. Although it is an indoor game a person requires hundred percent physical and mental fitness to play a good game of table tennis. Yes this is table tennis we are talking. Generally called as TT.

This Friday USJP table tennis team organized their selection games for the 11th SLUG. Although it was a holiday so many students with the passion and talent on TT came to the university gymnasium to play selection matches.

Women’s matches were scheduled in the morning session .After a breath taking contest eight players were selected to the women’s table tennis team. The men’s matches started at about 4.00 pm local time. Their matches were more aggressive and unpredictable from the begging to the end. Finally eight out of the talented lot were selected as the official university table tennis team that will represent the 11th SLUG on May 2013.

Both women’s captain Iresha and men’s captain Kosala stated that the team will be marching towards the victory with this highly talented team they have in USJP .Further kosala mentioned that they are now in the right track to seal a victory in the upcoming SLUG. In the 10th Sri Lankan university games both men and women TT teams were able to win the 3rd place. So this year they are ready to uplift the Japura team to become the champions