Technician/Scientific Assistant


* Maintain Laboratory equipment  in Immunohistochemistry, Biochemistry, Hematology etc…
* Preparation of laboratory reagents, maintain laboratory standards and equipment calibration
* Knowledge in the field of MLT would be an added advantage.

Please foreword your CV to

Contact – Prof. Ranil de Silva, Director, World Class University Project, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda. Tel: 0112758697 (ext. 8697)

“Central Instrumentation Facility” (CIF) at University of Sri Jayewardenepura

CIF facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to conducting research work by accommodating common technological instrumentation and infrastructure and facilitating long term sustainability through the progression of advanced research in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Food Science and Analytical Chemistry; which will be made available to Undergraduates, Post graduates, External organizations/ industries.

Equipment & Consumables

  1. Micro centrifuge
  2. Temperature controlled High speed centrifuge
  3. UPS backup system for PCR
  4. -20⁰C Mini-Freezer
  5. Freezer -200C
  6. Refrigerator +40C
  7. -80⁰C freezer with CO2 backup
  8. Laboratory Microwave oven
  9. Magnetic stirrer with heater
  10. Vortex mixture
  11. Thermal Cooler Insulated portable Bag -Cool boxes
  12. Dry bath
  13. Analytical balance
  14. Orbital shaker
  15. Micro pipettes
  16. Micro pipette racks
  17. Autoclave
  18. pH Meter
  19. Hot air oven
  20. Water purification system
  21. Capillary electrophoresis
  22. Immunoassay analyzer
  23. FBC analyzer
  24. Coagulometer
  25. Pressure cooker
  26. Humidity chamber

 Obtained through Grants/Donations (NIH, USA)

  1. Gel documentation system with CCD camera and Computer Mac and Sony Multiscan 200sf Monitor
  2. Phosphoimager (Molecular Dynamics), Dell Optiplex Computer, Apple Monitor
  3. Tissue culture hood
  4. Mid speed floor model centrifuge Beckman
  5. -860C Freezer
  6. -200C Freezer
  7. Electrophoresis apparatus – vertical and horizontal, Miniphor UVT system
  8. Cryoporter (liquid N vapor container)
  9. PCR Thermocycler

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