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Apply Now for Research Awards

Staff members in the permanent service in University of Sri Jayewardenepura in the year 2016 can now apply for Research Awards 2016. Deadline for the submission is 18th August 2017.

Award Categories are as follows

  1. An abstract published in a local conference proceedings or symposium
  2. An abstract published a foreign conference proceedings or symposium
  3. A full paper published in a conference proceedings
  4. A full paper published in a refereed journal
  5. A full paper published in any index journal
  6. 6. A full paper published in an Indexed Journal
    Recognized Index journals are listed at http://www.isinet.com/journals under:

    • Science Citation Indexed Expanded (™) (Web of Science)
    • Social Sciences Citation Index® (Web of Science)
    • Arts and Humanities Citation Index (Web of Science)
  7. Researchers having the highest citations for the year (Three awards for each Faculty)
  8. Researchers having the highest h-index for the year (Three awards for each Faculty)
  9. Departments having the highest cumulative h-index for the year (Three awards per each Faculty)
  10. Departments having the highest average h-index for the year (Three awards per each faculty)
  11. Early Career Researcher award (Researcher has to be less than 40 years)
  12. Vice Chancellor’s award for the researcher of the year (Follow CVCD guidelines) (Applicant has to be in permanent service at University of Sri Jayewardenepura for five years or more)


  • You are requested to submit the hard copis of your articles to Prof. M. M. Pathmalal, Co-Chairperson, Research Council
  • For any queries please contact: DR/Student affairs and publications:
    Email: researchcouncil@sjp.ac.lk
    Intercom : 0113024034 Mobile : 0714546356
  • Please note that any false information, misrepresentation, omission of facts and failure to provide all or part of information shall be considered as a cause for disqualification of your application
Deadline for submission for Research Awards 2016 is 18th August 2017.

Submit using Research Award Application Tool: http://research.sjp.ac.lk/award_2017/

Research Council
University of Sri Jayewardeneprua
18 July 2017

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