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This keynote Speech on “How to live an ethical life” was delivered by Prof. Muditha Vidanapathirana at the Annual Convocation of Java Institute which was held on 2nd of June 2017 at BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka. In this speech he elaborates the contrast between laws and ethics and how these ethics are being learnt by people. He further elaborates few ethical concepts that are common to any discipline such as; consent, professional secrecy, compassion, non-judgmental attitude, non-discriminatory behavior, respect, responsibility, privacy and security, right to information, integrity, accountability, equity, equality etc. Finally he explains the consequences of unethical life while reiterating the importance of maintaining an ethical life by any graduate. This keynote address is very appropriate and delivered in a very eloquent and impressive manner. Any graduate from any university around the world must listen to this valuable speech by Prof Muditha Vidanapathirana, the Professor of Forensic Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

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