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The Department of Physical Education

Vidyodaya Pirivena, which is the precious birth place of University Of Sri Jayewardenepura was established by Rev.Hikkaduwa Sumangala Thero in 1873.Vidyodaya Pirivena was the center of Sri Lanka education in the past and had been brought up to the standards of the University level by act No.45 of 1958 and named as University of Vidyodaya Sri Lanka. Later it was shifted to the present land Gangodawila from Maligakanda and Rev.Velivitiye Soratha Thero was appointed as the first Vice Chancellor of the university

All the universities in Sri Lanka were later united by the Act.No 1 of 1978 and this was brought to an independent level by naming it as University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Now our University stepping forward amongst the courage and dedication of her loving sons and daughters.

Although it is not that ancient as our university chronicle, in 1964 that the Department of Physical Studies was started to improve the physical and mental health of the university students. By now this department heads five permanent instructors and external instructors for separate fields. Sports council consists of board of instructors from the university staff and captains, vice captains of each sport appointed each year.

Our Department of Physical Education which was evolved in this way is now in the process of making the players participate in various sports competitions such as inter-university games, national meets, world university games, international meets which are highly competitive. Department of Physical Education really makes our University triumph over its countless victories in our country as well as in the world.

The Department of Physical Education also offers fresher’s an opportunity to participate in the sports they are interested in .Fresher’s meets are organized for the new comers and also open inter-faculty competitions are held under the supervision of Physical Education Unit. Representatives for the university teams are being selected after above stated competitions. Therefore depending on students’ talent and ability, they get a chance to represent the university.

Those students who perform well in inter-university games and national level games get an eligibility to participate in various international competitions and world university games which held once in every two years.

University students can participate in sports under the supervision of following instructors.

Mr. Asoka Amarasena – Cricket, Football, Wrestling, Rugger, Weight-lifting, Taekwondo
Mrs.Thamara Kumari Jayasekera–Basketball, Netball, Hockey
Mr. Lal Chandrakumara – Athletics, Swimming, Carrom, Baseball
Mrs. Nishanthi Widanage – Badminton, Table tennis, Tennis
Mrs. Ramani Kulathilake –Elle, Chess, Karate

Those who perform well in sports are awarded university colors at the end of each year and those who show excellent performances at inter-university games are awarded “Sri Lanka University Sports Awards” at the end of each year.

Students are getting a chance to participate in any sport stated above and if you are willing to participate, please contact the Department of Physical Education at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.