Prospectus Faculty of Applied Science 2015
Prospectus of  Faculty of Applied Sciences 2014/ 2015 Download Prospectus 2014/ 2015 Faculty of Applied Sciences – Prospectus 2014-2015 Part 1 Faculty of Applied Sciences – Prospectus 2014-2015 Part 2 Download Prospectus of Previous Years
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Prof M M Pathmalal Dept of Zoology
Water is the most important substance for all living organisms in the world. It is the main constituent of all living things. Without water it is impossible for any creature to live in this planet. Prof. M.M. Pathmalal, Head, Department of Zoology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, speaks about water pollution and how to control some pollutants in...
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EDEX aquatic forestry
Department of Forestry and Environment science, participated in EDEX Expo 2015 Exhibition, organized by Royal college union from 23rd to 25th January at BMICH Colombo. Students of the department dedicated to put up a stole at the “green pavilion” of the Exhibition. The key areas considered by them are recycling, sustainability and learning aspects of...
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Selected students to follow Extended Degree Program in Faculty of Applied Sciences for 2015 Science Extended degree Student Selection 2015 Dr. Pahan Godakumbura
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Journal of tropical forestry and environment October 2014
The Editorial Board is pleased to inform you that the newest issue (Volume 4, Issue 2, October 2014) of the Journal of Tropical Forestry and Environment has just been published by the Department of Forestry and Environment. You can access this issue via You can also submit your manuscripts prepared based on your research...
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Prof. Pathmalal Manage
Research paper titled Evaluation of Antibiotic Degradation Feasibility  of Bacillus cereus and Rahnella aquatilis presented by Sumaiya Fernando and Prof. Pathmalal M Manage of Department of Zoology received Most outstanding journal paper award in the Environmental and Natural resources International conference held in Nov 2014 at Bangkok, Thailand. This paper was published at Journal Environmental and Natural Resources...
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