1st Mini Symposium on Sociology (MSS 2019)

1st Mini-Symposium on Sociology (MSS 2019) under the theme of SOCIOLOGY AS A KEY FOR A BETTER FUTURE” organized by the Department of Sociology was held on 29th July 2019 at the SLT II Hall of the Department of Sociology. This was one of the very first symposiums conducted by a department focusing on creating a platform for its undergraduates (3rd Year-Under the Sociological Research Method Course Unit) to disseminate their research findings among peers as well as academics.

Prof. Mayura Samarakoon, Head of the Department of Sociology, Advisor and the Keynote Speaker of MSS-2019, Prof. Vijekoon Subhasinhe, Dr. Nelum Kanthilatha, Mrs. Niluka Priyadarshani, and Dr. Tharaka Ananda, Course Unite Lecturer, Undergraduate Students, Non-Academic Staff members of the department Participated in the event.

Total 47 research abstracts written by 3rd-year undergraduate students included in the proceeding book covers various fields of Sociology, as well as some, had been conducted based on Criminological, Anthropological, Archaeological and Political approaches.

Ms. Udeni Thakshila won the Best Paper Presenter Award for her research presentation.

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