Aptitude Test to Select Candidates for BSc Honours in Sports Science & Management for the Academic Year 2021/2022


University Admissions for the Academic Year 2021/2022

Bachelor of Science Honours in Sports Science & Management

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ) calls applications for the Aptitude Test to select candidates to follow Bachelor of Science Honours in Sports Science & Management degree programme based on results of G.C.E. (A/L) Examination 2021 (2022).

To be eligible for admission to the above-mentioned degree programme, candidates should have obtained at least ‘S’ grades in any three subjects at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination (Please refer the University Admissions Handbook 2021/2022).

The Aptitude Test will be conducted in English Medium and will consist of the following components.

Venue: University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Test Component Description % Contribution to Total Score
Written Test –    The test will assess candidates’ knowledge related to Sports Science & Management. 40%
Practical Test –    The test will evaluate candidates’ physical fitness qualities

–     Test components: 35 m Sprint, 5×10 m Shuttle run, 1000 m Aerobic run, Standing Broad Jump, Push-ups (Nature of the Push-ups test is same for both male and female candidates) and Sit and Reach Test

Sports Achievements –     Candidates’ sports achievements at International, National, Provincial, District and Zonal levels will be evaluated.

–     Candidates will be instructed to produce certificates of their highest sports achievements within the past seven years (2016–2022) before the practical test.



The schedule for the aptitude test is as follows.

Test Date Time
Written Test 09.10.2022 09.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.
Practical Test and

the Evaluation of Sports Achievements

09.10.2022 01.00 p.m. – 06.00 p.m.
10.10.2022 08.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.
11.10.2022 08.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.


All information related to the Aptitude Test procedures will be posted in this website.



  • Applicants should apply online via the link Apply Online!
  • Applicants should pay a fee of 1,000/= to the Account Number 097-1-001-7-001-4075 (People’s Bank, Gangodawila Branch) in favour of University of Sri Jayewardenepura and upload a copy of the bank slip/proof of payment.

Please indicate your National Identity Card (NIC) number on the bank payment slip (in the space reserved for ‘Purpose’ on the cash deposit slip/Online Transfers/CDM – Cash Deposit Machines)

  • Applicants should provide a valid email address because information regarding the applications and the Aptitude Test procedures will be communicated to applicants via email.
  • Applicants should prepare the following documents before they start the application submission procedure and should rename each document with their NIC number and document name (e.g., 2001xxxxxxxx_NICFront).
    1. Scanned copies of both sides of the NIC (e.g., 2001xxxxxxxx_NICFront; 2001xxxxxxxx_NICBack)
    2. A scanned copy of proof of application fee payment/bank deposit slip (e.g., 2001xxxxxxxx_Slip).

The closing date for the online application submission is 20th September 2022 28th September 2022.

For further information, please contact:

  • Department of Sports Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, USJ: 0112881530, 071 775 0681 (Email: dss@sjp.ac.lk)
  • Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Applied Sciences, USJ: 0112881509


The Registrar
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

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