USJ Researchers published 29 Scopus Indexed papers in June 2022

Researchers from Science, Medical, Technology, Engineering, Management and Graduate Studies Faculties published Twenty-Nine research papers in Journals indexed by Elsevier Scopus during the month June 2022. Forty-Two researchers from USJ contributed to this achievement. The web publishing team of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura acknowledges their contribution to upgrading the research standards of the University and expanding the knowledge base in the relevant subject areas.

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Row Number Document Title Authors Year Source
1 A comparative study on mica waste-filled natural rubber foam composites made out of creamed and centrifuged latex Dananjaya, S.A.V., Priyanka, U.M.S., Somarathna, Y.R., Karunanayake, L., Siriwardena, S. Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technologythis link is disabled, 2022
2 A facile synthesis of MgAl/layered double hydroxides from aluminum wastes Silva, T.S., Fernandes, E.P., Vithanage, M., Meneghetti, S.M.P., Meili, L. 2022 Materials Letters, 324, art. no. 132624.
3 Attitudes of Tourism Entrepreneurs and Support towards Sustainable Tourism Practices in Sri Lanka Chandralal, L., Fernando, B. 2022 Journal of Behavioral Science, 17(2), pp. 1-15.
4 Becoming an “owner” in a learner-centred context: a Sri Lankan experience at a postgraduate taught course in management and technology Gunatilaka, H., Jayawickrama Withanage, D. 2022 Journal of International Education in Business.
5 Biochar production with amelioration of microwave-assisted pyrolysis: Current scenario, drawbacks and perspectives Hadiya, V., Popat, K., Vyas, S., (…), Sabyasachi Mohanty, S., Patel, Z. 2022 Bioresource Technology, 355, art. no. 127303.
6 Contemporary, Multidisciplinary Roles of Mesoporous Silica Nanohybrids/Nanocomposites Kumarage, S., Munaweera, I., Kottegoda, N. 2022 ChemistrySelect, 7(21), art. no. e202200574.
7 Current Context and Research Trends in Linear DC–DC Converters Gunawardane, K., Padmawansa, N., Kularatna, N., Subasinghage, K., Lie, T.T. 2022 Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 12(9), art. no. 4594.
8 Design and Development of a Robotic Uterine Manipulator for Gynecological Laparoscopy Premachandra, H.A.G.C., Herath, H.M.A.N., Thathsarana, K.M., (…), Madusanka, D.G.K., Jayawardane, M.A.M.M. 2022 2022 8th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics, ICCAR 2022, pp. 145-154.
9 Diagnosing autism in low-income countries: Clinical record-based analysis in Sri Lanka Peiris, H., Wickramarachchi, D.C., Samarasinghe, P., (…), Kulasekara, V., Nadeeshani, M. 2022 Autism Research.
10 Distribution, transformation and remediation of poly- and per-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in wastewater sources O’Connor, J., Bolan, N.S., Kumar, M., (…), Siddique, K.H.M., Kirkham, M.B. 2022 Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 164, pp. 91-108.
11 Effectiveness of newborn pulse oximetry screening for the identification of critical congenital heart disease in a tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka Lakra, M.S., Gamhewage, N.C., Perera, K.S.Y., Weerasekera, M. 2022 Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 51(2), pp. 322-324.
12 Emotional and behavioral problems among children and adolescents in a residential care institution in Colombo, Sri Lanka – Implications for service delivery Rohanachandra, Y.M., Nanayakkara, K.A.S.D., Vipulanandan, S. 2022 Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 74, art. no. 103193.
13 Erratum: Urine Organic Acid Analysis: Key Diagnostic Test for Fumaric Aciduria in a Sri Lankan Child (Laboratory Medicine DOI: 10.1093/labmed/lmab083) Jasinge, E., Fernando, M., Indika, N.-L.R., (…), Gunarathne, A.V., Ratnayake, P. 2022 Lab Medicine, 53(3), p. E62.
14 Evaluating sustainability of mobile learning framework for higher education: a machine learning approach Dolawattha, D.M., Premadasa, H.K.S., Jayaweera, P.M. 2022 International Journal of Information and Learning Technology.
15 Extraction, Isolation and Formulation Methods of Algal Functional Foods Makawita, G.I.P.S., Wickramasinghe, I. 2021 Algae for Food: Cultivation, Processing and Nutritional Benefits, pp. 131-135.
16 Fire performance of lightweight concrete-filled LSF wall panels Upasiri, I.R., Konthesigha, K.M.C., Nanayakkara, S.M.A., (…), Gatheeshgar, P., Perera, D. 2022 Structures, 40, pp. 1039-1055.
17 Hydrocolloid and water soluble polymers used in the food industry and their functional properties: a review Jayakody, M.M., Kaushani, K.G., Vanniarachchy, M.P.G., Wijesekara, I. 2022 Polymer Bulletin.
18 Impact of a family health care workers led educational intervention in improving women’s awareness on Vulvo-vaginal discharge: a non-randomized controlled trial Prasanthi Sumudrika Ilankoon, I.M., Goonewardena, C.S.E., Fernandopulle, R.C., Perera, P.P.R. 2022 International Journal of Health Promotion and Education.
19 Impact of spectral composition of light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on postharvest quality of vegetables: A review Thilini Deepashika Perera, W.P., Navaratne, S., Wickramasinghe, I. 2022 Postharvest Biology and Technology, 191, art. no. 111955.
20 Machine Singing Generation Through Deep Learning Jayasinghe, R.D. 2022 2021 IEEE 23rd International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 7th International Conference on Data Science and Systems, 19th International Conference on Smart City and 7th International Conference on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud and Big Data Systems and Applications, HPCC-DSS-SmartCity-DependSys 2021, pp. 1298-1303.
21 Molecular phylogeny and morphology reveal two new graminicolous species, Bipolaris adikaramae sp. nov and B. petchii sp. nov., with new records of fungi from cultivated rice and weedy grass hosts Ferdinandez, H.S., Manamgoda, D.S., Udayanga, D., (…), Munasinghe, M.S., Castlebury, L.A. 2022 Mycological Progress, 21(6), art. no. 59.
22 Personal Experience of Sustainability Practices and Commitment toward Corporate Sustainability Initiatives: Reflections of Sri Lankan Marketing Professionals Ranjith, K., Jayawickrama, W.D.C. 2021 Social and Sustainability Marketing: A Casebook for Reaching Your Socially Responsible Consumers through Marketing Science, pp. 143-172.
23 Sonication-assisted water extract of Dendronephthya gigantean exhibits anti-fine dust effects; attenuation of MAPK phosphorylation in macrophages Jayawardena, T.U., Fernando, I.P.S., Nagahawatta, D.P., (…), Sanjeewa, K.K.A., Jeon, Y. 2022 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 50(1), pp. 151-160.
24 Space-time division multiplexing-based superfast spectral-domain optical coherence tomography up to 1 MHz A-scan rate Seong, D., Jeon, D., Wijesinghe, R.E., (…), Jeon, M., Kim, J. 2022 Proceedings of SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering, 11991, art. no. 119910B.
25 Techniques to Follow When Developing Web-Based Educational Games Gunawardhana, L.K.P.D. 2022 2022 10th International Conference on Information and Education Technology, ICIET 2022, pp. 145-149.
26 Telescoped Oxidation and Cycloaddition of Urazoles to Access Diazacyclobutenes Miller, B.A., Narangoda, C.J., Johnson, T.L., (…), Bragg, A.A., Whitehead, D.C. 2022 Journal of Organic Chemistry.
27 The influence of particle size on the extraction of cellulose nanofibers using chemical-ultrasonic process Ratnakumar, A., Samarasekara, A.M.P.B., Amarasinghe, D.A.S., Karunanayake, L. 2022 Materials Today: Proceedings.
28 Waste mica as filler for natural rubber latex foam composites Dananjaya, S.A.V., Somarathna, Y.R., Karunanayake, L., Siriwardena, S. Journal of Polymer Researchthis link is disabled, 2022, 29(3), 71
29 Zoo-chemical profiling, in vivo toxicity and in vitro anti-inflammatory properties of Luffariella herdmani marine sponge extract Kuruppuarachchi, S.U., Gunathilake, V.K. 2022 Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics, 5(2), pp. 269-282.

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