Commercialization of a novel technology of Efficient Bio-diesel Production Developed by USJ Technology Faculty

USJ Tech-transfer Office of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura made yet another successful stride in research commercialization by signing a technology licensing agreement with Divergent Technology (Pvt.) Ltd. A novel patented technology on efficient method to produce Biodiesel, invented by Dr. Udara Arachchige and his team of the Faculty of Technology was transferred to the industry to commence the productions.

Approximately 179, 000 MT of diesel are sold by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation each month, and Sri Lanka spends about US $. 6.0 billion for import of petroleum products- crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other petroleum-based products every year. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel similar to conventional or ‘fossil’ diesel. Biodiesel is considered superior to fossil diesel fuel in terms of exhaust emissions, octane number, flash point, and lubricity characteristics, without any significant difference in heat of combustion of these fuels. Moreover, biodiesel returns about 90% more energy than the energy that is utilized to produce it. Biodiesel mixed with conventional diesel in some proportions can be used to run any existing conventional compression ignition engine without any modifications to the engine. Several types of non-edible oils, waste vegetable oils, and animal fats are widely used in biodiesel production. The new method invented by the USJ researchers uses ‘used’ cooking oils as inputs to produce biodiesel, but substantially reduces the reaction time of the biodiesel reactor from one hour to twenty (20) minutes. This increase the production capacity by three times while reducing the energy cost to one third per batch, thus making the entire process highly efficient. The new ‘green’ energy source is likely to attract the attention of environment conscious industries.

The transferring of IP through an exclusive licensing agreement between the two parties was held on 20.07.2021 at Vice Chancellor’s Office of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Present at the signing were Vice-Chancellor; Snr Prof. Sudantha Liyanage, USJ Tech Transfer Director; Dr. Priyan Perera, Research Team members; Dr. Udara Arachchige, Dr, Randika Jayasinghe, of the Faculty of Technology, Prof. Renuka Nilmini, Dean, Faculty of Technology, Prof Prof. Harendra Kariyawasam, OTS Director, Mr. Weliwita, Registrar, and Mr. Trishan Perera, Manager, USJ Tech Transfer Office.

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