Prof. Sandun Senarath won awards for “Best Paper and Poster” at Philippines

A Proud moment for Japura – 14th MSU-IIT Annual in-house Review of Research and Development Projects.

Prof. Sandun Senarath from the Department of Botany at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and visiting lecturer at the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, Philippines is an expert in plant tissue culture with one patent and many research publications in refereed journals. Her research activities concern the study of plant tissue culture for conservation of endangered medicinal plants, mass propagation for commercial scale plantations, plant tissue culture phytochemical screening of natural plants and tissue cultured plants, cell culture for secondary metabolite production in addition to Synthetic seed technology and cryopreservation.

A couple of her outstanding research papers co-authored together with Jhoan Rhea L. Pizon, Olga M. Naneza, Mylene M. Uy and Dana Joanne Von L. Trono were recognized at the 14th MSU-IIT Annual in-house Review of Research and Development Projects organized by the Iligan Institute of Technology of the Mindanao State University, Republic of Philippines.

“Inhibition of Alpha-Amylase and Antioxidant activities of the Bark Extracts of Black Current Tree (Antidesma Ghaesembilla Gaertn)” was awarded the Best Paper in the research category of the graduate level while “In-Vitro Alpha-Amylase Inhibitory activity, Antioxidant potential, and GC-MS analysis of Crepe-Ginger (Costus speciosus (J. Koenig.) Sm.) Leaves” was awarded as the Best Poster Paper.

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura conveys its heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Sandun Senarath while thanking her for her contribution towards improving this dying world of ours.


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