“Defenso’22”- self-defense unarmed combat camp organized by the karate family of the USJ was successfully held

“Defenso’22”, a self-defense unarmed combat camp organized by the karate family of the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, was successfully held on Saturday the 10th of September 2022, at the gymnasium of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm with the participation of nearly 100 students. The specialty of this training camp was that this was the first time such a camp had been held in the university grounds

The workshop was successfully conducted under the guidance of Sensei Rohana Gressman, Karate Training Instructor of the University, Treasurer of Sri lanka Karate Do Federation, and the support of Ms.Nishanthi Vidanage, Director of physical Education Department, Mrs. Deepika Priyadarshani, Karate instructor and Mr.Suresh. The Training was done by Sisira Kumar, Honorary President of Sri Lanka Karate Do Federation, Sensei Rauf, Deputy Secretary of Sri Lanka Karate Do Federation, and Sensei Virgin, Deputy Treasurer of Sri Lanka Karate Do Federation.

The objective of the “Defenso’22” program, was to create a group of educated, intelligent, healthy and healthy students, but also a group of students who can provide for their own security, was successfully achieved. How to face uncountable troubles, harassments and obstacles, unimaginable times in life situations, how to face them and how to protect one’s own life were tested practically in this training workshop. Also, how to avoid accidents while unarmed as well as immediate defense strategies especially needed for women were taught in a very clear and practical way.

Organizers delivered and appreciated the counseling support they received from Sensei Shanaka Jayawardene and Sensei Dilanka Lakshan, a former scholar as well as Karate Association Leader Ishan Shanuka, Captain Sanjula Rathmale, Vice-Captain Nipun Madura and Vice-Captain Kavya Wijesooriya, who were mainly dedicated to conducting such an event.

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