Research students of USJP won all the”Best Research Presentation” awards at WILD LANKA International Symposium

Five  research students of University of Sri Jayewardenepura (3 from Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, and 2 students from Department  of Zooology) won “Best Research Presentation” awards  at the WILD LANKA International Symposium  organized by the Department of Wildlife Conservation,held on 15 & 16th August at Taj Samudra Hotel- Colombo, which make USJP students claiming all awards.

Mr. Hasitha Karawita, a PhD candidate; Mr. Upali Kumaratunga, a student in the Masters’ program in Forestry and Environmental Management, and Ms. Tara Mallikage, a BSc (Special) degree holder who have conducted their research under the supervision of Dr. Priyan Perera have been able to achieve this feet.

Mr. Chathuranga Dharmarathne, a student in M.Phil. program on Life Sciences and Mr. Dulan Jayasekara, a B.Sc. (Special) degree holder in Zoology, who have conducted their researches under the supervision of Prof. W. A. D. Mahaulpatha, Department of Zoology were also awarded by the “Best Presenter” award.

The best research presentation awards were won by above individuals for following abstracts presented at the conference;

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura conveys its heartfelt congratulations to winners while thanking Dr. Priyan Perera and Prof. W.A.D Mahaulpatha for setting this benchmark that would indeed motivate future generations of the university.


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