Interactive Session on developing Private Public Partnerships on advanced research in Seoul, Republic of Korea

Prof. Ranil de Silva, the Director of the World Class University Project, USJP conducted an interactive session at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Korea, Seoul, South Korea on the 08th August 2017, during his academic visit to South Korea.

The event was organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in South Korea and was attended by high profile industries in the field of natural products, traditional medicine and cosmeceutical. The foremost objectives of this event was to promote the Sri Lankan natural products such as Ceylon tea, Ceylon Cinnamon, Ceylon Coffee and their effect on healthy living and to promote the International Traditional and Complementary Medicine, Educational Exhibition and Trade Fair 2017- TradMed International 2017 Sri Lanka to which USJP became an affiliated partner. The attending companies included Tea Korea Co. LTD., Genozyme Bio Cosmetics, Tea Association of Korea which are top companies involved with traditional, herbal and natural medicine in Korea.

The event was co-chaired jointly by the H.E. Ambassador, Ms. Manisha Gunasekera, and Prof. Ranil de Silva. The attendees were given awareness on health benefits of the natural products and how they could help in healthy brain aging. Further it also facilitated in developing international collaborations with the participated companies leading to joint research ventures on the Health benefits of Ceylon Natural Products.

Prof. Ranil de Silva also visited the Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI), where he was introduced to authentic Korean traditional foods and their effect on the healthy living in a Korean perspective by the Dr. Sang Hee Kim, the principal researcher at KFRI. The visit led to successful collaborations between the USJP and KFRI on traditional, natural and herbal product research.

The entire event was organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy of South Korea, Seoul under the supervision of Mr. Jagath Abeywarna, Minister Counsellor (Commercial), Embassy of Sri Lanka in South Korea.

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