A Meeting on the Initiation of Entrepreneurship Development and Business Incubator Program for USJP

A meeting organized by the World Class University Project under the guidance of Prof. Ranil de Silva, regarding the initiation of Entrepreneurship development and business incubator program for the University of Sri Jayewardenepura was held at the University Board Room, with the delegates of the Ministry of Primary Industries and COSTI, Ministry of Science and Technology. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Sampath Amaratunga, the Vice-Chancellor of USJP.

The main aim of the discussion was to develop a practical model to create Business incubators linked to universities with a support system where selected entrepreneurial students and graduates will be given an opportunity for incubation.

In this regard, the Ministry of Social welfare and Primary Industries will extend financial and technical assistance for the establishment of  startup  companies in Incubator systems.

The pronouncements taken at the meeting are as follows:

  1. Establishment of Business Incubators at the USJP
  2. Formulating a Cabinet paper regarding the establishment of Business Incubators at the University

The meeting was attended by, Prof. Sampath Amaratunga, Prof. Ranil de Silva, Dr. Nilmini Liyanage and Mr. R.N Weerasinghe from USJP,  Mr. Presanna Ekanayake and Ms. Surani Dias, Prof. K.D.N Weerasinghe from Ministry of Primary Industries and Prof. R.U Halwatura from the Inventor Commission.

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