Ornamental Fish Export Trade – Collaboration between Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources and the University of Sydney, Australia

The Department of Aquatic Bioresources, Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources initiated an academic and research collaboration programme with the University of Sydney, Australia. Dr. Erandi Pathirana, Head/Department of Aquatic Bioresources, attended the preliminary discussions on this regard, at the University of Sydney, Australia. Prof. Joy Becker, Associate Professor in Aquatic Animal Health and Production who plays the key role of this collaboration from the side of the University of Sydney, visited the University of Sri Jayewardenepura on October 4, 2022. During her visit, Prof. Becker met with Senior Prof. Sudantha Liyanage, the Vice-Chancellor of the University and discussed the way forward, for the formal collaboration programme between the two universities.

Further, Prof. Becker delivered a guest talk, titled, “Risks to Australia’s Biosecurity from the Trade of Ornamental Fish”. The talk which addressed the biosecurity aspects of Australian ornamental fish trade: their requirements and what they expect from Sri Lankan ornamental fish exporters, was actively attended by officials from the Animal Quarantine Division, Colombo, senior officials from the Department of Animal Production and Health, Peradeniya and key figures of the ornamental fish export sector. Ornamental fish export industry is one of the most-thriving export trades in Sri Lanka which attracts considerable amount of foreign currency to the country. Understanding and identifying the needs of the Australian ornamental fish trade is a prerequisite for Sri Lankan ornamental fish exporters to become successful and to secure a better place in the global ornamental fish trade.


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