Out-bound Training Programme of Department of Business Economics

OBT programme of the Department of Business Economics was held on two days from 28th to 29th, January 2017 in Kithulgala with the participation of Dr. Janak Kumarasinghe-Course Coordinator, other lecturers and third year students of the department. The programme was conducted under BEC 3026: Study Skill Training course introduced with the intention of achieving the following objectives.

  1. Develop students’ aesthetic skills
  2. Improve social behavior of the students
  3. Provide the students with skills to maintain physical fitness throughout their lives
  4. Develop the students skills to be leaders of the society

By participating in diverse activities and games the students were able to explore leadership values and their hidden talents. In addition, participants were helped to nurture a wide variety of soft skills, improve their personality and inculcate positive attitudes.

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