Prof. Janitha Liyanage, USJ Faculty of Applied Sciences Alumni appointed as new VC of Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda University

Senior Professor Janitha A. Liyanage; Alumni of Faculty of Applied Sciences of USJ, Former Vice Chairperson of UGC, assumed duties as the 1st Vice-Chancellor of the 16th National University, Gampaha Wickramarachchi Indigenous Medical University. The inauguration ceremony took place on 01.03.2021 at the premises of the Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine in Yakkala and the official launch ceremony will be on 4th March under the patronage of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The event was graced by Hon. Minister of Tourism Mr. Prasanna Ranathunga, Hon. Minister of Urban Development, Coast Conservation, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness Dr. Nalaka Godahewa, Hon. State Minister of Indigenous Medicine Promotion, Rural and Ayurvedic Hospitals Development and Community Health Mr. Sisira Jayakody and University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman; Senior Professor Sampath Amaratunga.

Senior Professor Janitha Liyanage is the beloved wife of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Senior Professor Sudantha Liyanage and for the first time in history, both of them are held Vice Chancellors at the same time in two universities in Sri Lanka. Senior Professor Janitha Liyanage is an Alumni of Faculty of Applied Sciences of USJ.

Started in 1929 by Ayurveda Chakravarti Pandith G.P. Wickramarachchi with 20 students, Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute is popular as a centre for teaching Siddayurveda tradition of medicine in Sri Lanka. With a proud history of over 92 years, the institute has educated many local and international students on indigenous medicine and aims to continue in its endeavour to meet the challenge of maintaining its unique position in the university system and preserving the methods of indigenous medicine in Sri Lanka. Most of the credit for the process of making this institution a national university goes to Senior Professor Janitha Liyanage. She has been the Director of the Institute on several occasions and has made a significant contribution to the development of the physical resources and disciplines of the institute.

Establishment of new academic disciplines, preparation of new curricular based on technical subjects, establishment of postgraduate faculty, commencement of several postgraduate diploma courses are some of the academic services rendered under Professor Janitha Liyanage. In addition, Senior Professor Janitha Liyanage has been instrumental in improving the academic activities of the students by constructing new hostels for university students, constructing a complete library building and establishing a new library, computer centers, auditoriums etc. Professor Janitha Liyanage has successfully completed the initial steps of the initiative to develop Indigenous Medical Education by establishing a full fledged Ayurvedic University in line with the present Government Higher Education Policies.

USJ Congratulates Senior Professor Janitha A. Liyanage for becoming the 1st Vice-Chancellor of the 16th National University and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura wishes her all the best for all her future endeavors.


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