Statistical Consulting Service for researchers and industrial organizations offered by the Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura provides a free statistical consulting service (SCS-USJ) to university researchers and industrial organizations. The service is provided subject to the availability of consultants. The Department of Statistics provide assistance in areas such as:
1. Experimental design
2. Sampling and questionnaire design
3. Data visualization
4. Statistical modelling
5. Time series forecasting
6. Data analysis and interpretation of results
7. Assistance with statistical software and programming

Assistance seekers are encouraged to get in touch with SCS-USJ early in your research. Early engagement with a statistician can help service seekers to make the best decisions about design and methodology. The Department of Statistics urges it would be wise to talk to a consultant before you collect any data.

Terms and conditions of the services

• Consultations are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.
• Consultations are conducted by appointment only.
• The service is provided subject to the availability of consultants. The SCS-USJ reserves the right to
refuse service.
• The consultant team does not act as the supervisor of any student.
• Students are required to obtain approval from their supervisors before requesting consultancy services.
• SCS-USJ reserves the right to discontinue any assistance, analysis, or meetings of student applicants
without the input and regular contact and meetings with the research project supervisor(s).
• It is the responsibility of the client to provide ample time for statistical consulting, and to inform the
consultant of any deadlines.
• The SCS-USJ team members are not responsible for writing final chapters/sections in dissertations/theses
of research findings and results.


Method to apply for the service

Please carefully read and review the terms and conditions before using the service.
Fill in an application and send it to
Choose the application that’s right for you.
University staff and students –
Industry –
For more information visit our website at:

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