Student, Staff Exchange Programs Under USJP Monash Collaboration

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJP) and Monash University, Australia collaboratively conducted a student, staff exchange programme in accordance with the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two universities in August 2017. The programme which began on the 5th of February 2018 when a delegation of foreign staff and students from the Monash Visited Sri Lanka. Their visit was followed by a delegation of staff and students from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura visiting Monash Business School in Australia. A meeting was held on the 13th of June 2018 to discuss the outcomes of the visit. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. D. P. S. Chandrakumara, Dean Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, Dr. Anura Kumara, Dr. Wasantha Perera, Co-ordinator of the Monash Programme and the members of the delegation was present at the occasion. Dr. J.W. Dushan Chaminda, of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce who was part of the delegation, explained the life-changing experiences gained and how they were given exposure to methods of research. The delegation was given the opportunity to publish their own research in internationally accredited journals. Prof. Amaratunge stated that the University has come a long way since he first entered the academia. He stated that the exposure gained will no doubt help the university’s mission of developing research. “We have achieved many milestones in our journey towards developing research; we have now moved a step further through the Innovation, Invention and Venture Creation Council (IIVCC) and the Department of Entrepreneurship. They will be providing the university with links to private companies, whereby we will be able to use our research, innovations to generate a sustainable economy for the University,” He said. Related posts: Monash Business School Study Tour to USJP The Monash and USJP Collaboration Begins Monash Study Tour to Sri Lanka – February 2018

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