Undergraduates Can Register for Infinity Case Study Competition by Commerce Society of Department of Commerce Now – 2021

INFINITY is a case study competition organized by the project INFINITY initiated by Commerce Society (COMSO) of Department of Commerce-Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce-University of Sri Jayewardenepura. INFINITY endeavors to enhance the knowledge, the practical application of the learned theories and analytical skills of  the undergraduates.

A team of INFINITY case study competition will consist of three members. There will be no gender-based restrictions when forming groups. Any one from any university in Sri Lanka can sign up for this competition.

The judge panel will consist of four members, one judge member from the main sponsoring organization and another two judges will be from the lecturing panel of the Department of Commerce and remaining one is an industry expert relevant to our case problem.

Audience will be consisted of government and private university undergraduates, graduates, academics and the spectators joining through social media platforms in Sri Lanka.

Once complete all three rounds, the judges will select the most practically applicable solution for the Sri Lankan economy. The final solution will be given to the government to put into action.


1st place Rs. 60,000 Cash Price
Valuable medals and certificates.

2nd Place Rs. 45,000 Cash Price
Valuable medals and certificates.

3rd Place Rs. 30,000 Cash Price
Valuable medals and certificates.

Registrations are officially open for all candidates who were eagerly waiting for this opportunity to accept the challenge & to collaborate with others.

Schedule of the INFINITY case study competition is as follows;

DEC 17 – DEC 31 Registration

JAN 02 Workshop

JAN 02 – JAN 13 Round 01

JAN 15 – JAN 29 Round 02

JAN 30 – FEB 06 Round 03

FEB 07 Grand Final

Register using the following link

INFITY 2021 Registration

For further Details, please contact;

Sachin – 076 344 5048
Sithari – 071 896 3317

(Sinahala Language)

Poornima – 075 671 8556
Azeema – 075 043 3113

(English Language)

Official FB page; https://www.facebook.com/comsousjp/

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