University of Sri Jayewardenepura Clinches Victory at Sri Lanka University Games 2023 Track and Field Championship


In a spectacular showcase of athleticism and determination, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura sprinted their way to victory at the Sri Lanka University Games 2023, held at the Sugathadasa Stadium on August 19th and 20th. The university’s track and field team secured the championship with an impressive score of 222 points, leaving their competitors in awe.

The Sugathadasa Stadium buzzed with excitement as the athletes from various universities competed in a range of track and field events. But it was the athletes from Sri Jayewardenepura who truly stole the show. Their exceptional performance not only demonstrated their physical prowess but also highlighted their unwavering dedication to their sport.

The victory is a testament to the hours of training, sacrifices, and teamwork put in by the Sri Jayewardenepura athletes. As they stood on the podium, cheers filled the air, acknowledging their outstanding achievements. The university’s triumph serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and emphasizes the importance of perseverance and passion in the pursuit of excellence.

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