USJ Medical Centre conducts a First Aid Programme at the Skills Lab, Faculty of Medicine

The USJ Medical Centre conducted a First Aid Training programme for the pharmacists, minor staff and the labourers working at the Medical Center. It was held at the Skills Lab of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

The University Medical Centre caters to the University community, including the students, staff and their families, free of charge, as the first contact and continuing care. The care is co-ordinated for secondary care with Colombo South Teaching Hospital. Health promotion is done for students and staff in order to maintain a healthy community. Our primary care staff managed by the Medical Officer in Charge, comprises of four doctors, 4 nurses, 3 pharmacists and one dental doctor. In addition to the first contact care and continuing care, the health centre is responsible for the preventive care. The PHI department attached to the medical centre comprises of 2 PHIs and a support staff of 8 health workers.

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