USJ Researchers published 20 Scopus Indexed papers in November 2021

Researchers from Science, Management, Medical, Technology, Engineering and Graduate Studies Faculties published twenty research papers in Journals indexed by Elsevier Scopus during the last month. The web publishing team of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura acknowledges their contribution to upgrading the research standards of the University and expanding the knowledge base in the relevant subject areas.

1. Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern by identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the spike protein by a multiplex real-time PCR

Open Access
Gomes, L., Jeewandara, C., Jayadas, T.P., Dissanayake O., Harvie M., (…), Malavige, G.N. 2022 Journal of Virological Methods, 300, art. no. 114374.
2. Functional and antiglycation properties of cow milk set yogurt enriched with Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L. flower extract

Open Access
Amadarshanie, D.B.T., Gunathilaka, T.L., Silva, R.M., Navaratne, S.B., Peiris, L.D.C. 2022 LWT, 154, art. no. 112910.
3. Sewage sludge-derived biochar for the adsorptive removal of wastewater pollutants: A critical review Rangabhashiyam, S., Lins, P.V.D.S., Oliveira, L.M.T.D.M., (…), Rajapaksha, A.U., Meili, L. 2022 Environmental Pollution, 293, art. no. 118581.
4. Treatment processes to eliminate potential environmental hazards and restore agronomic value of sewage sludge: A review Hoang, S.A., Bolan, N., Madhubashini, A.M.P., Vithanage M. (…), Rinklebe, J., Siddique, K.H.M. 2022 Environmental Pollution, 293, art. no. 118564.
5. A Case Study on Temporal Variations of the Pavement Thermal Performance Based on Surface Texture for Urban Areas in Sri Lanka Senevirathne, D.M., Jayasooriya, V.M. 2022 Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 174, pp. 131-142.
6. A relational lens to understand housing affordability in the 21st Century

Open Access
Perera, U., Lee, P. 2021 Journal of Urban Management, 10(4), pp. 314-324.
7. Anti-inflammatory mechanisms of fucoidans to treat inflammatory diseases: A review

Open Access
Asanka Sanjeewa, K.K., Herath, K.H.I.N.M., Yang, H.-W., Choi, C.S., Jeon, Y.-J. 2021 Marine Drugs, 19(12), art. no. 678.
8. Distinct microbiome profiles and biofilms in Leishmania donovani-driven cutaneous leishmaniasis wounds

Open Access
Jayasena Kaluarachchi, T.D., Wickremasinghe, R., (…), Ranasinghe S., Yasawardene S., Hiromel De Silva, Menike C., Jayarathne M. C. K., Jayathilake S., Dilhari A., Weerasekera M. M.  2021 Scientific Reports, 11(1), art. no. 23181.
9. Ecolabelling in textile industry: A review

Open Access
Ranasinghe, L., Jayasooriya, V.M. 2021 Resources, Environment and Sustainability, 6, art. no. 100037.
10. Experience of required foreign specialist training: The lived experiences of Sri Lankan trainee child and adolescent psychiatrists in Australia Chandradasa, M., Dahanayake, D., Rohanachandra, Y. 2021 Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 66, art. no. 102882.
11. Natural immunogenic properties of bioinformatically predicted linear B-cell epitopes of dengue envelope and pre-membrane proteins

Open Access
Nadugala, M.N., Jeewandara, C., Jadi, R.S., (…), Premaratne, P.H., Malavige G.N., Goonasekara, C.L. 2021 BMC Immunology, 22(1), art. no. 71.
12. Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the Colombo Municipality Region, Sri Lanka

Open Access
Jeewandara, C., Abyrathna, I.S., (…), Danasekara S., Gunasekera B., Pushpakumara P.D., Madhusanka D., Jayathilaka D., Ranasinghe T., Somathilake G., Tanussiya S., Jayadas T. T., Kuruppu H, Thashmi N., Harvie M., , Malavige, G.N. 2021 Frontiers in Public Health, 9, art. no. 724398.
13. General hospital specialists’ attitudes toward psychiatry: A cross-sectional survey in seven countries

Open Access
Wimalaratne, I.K., McCarthy, J., Broekman, B.F.P., Kathriarachchi S., (…), De Carvalho Pereira, V., Menkes, D. 2021 BMJ Open, 11(11), art. no. e054173.
14. ‘EMI Is a war’ – Lecturers’ practices of, and insights into english medium instruction within the context of Sri Lankan higher education

Open Access
Jayathilake, C., Hettiarachchi, S., Pereira, S.S. 2021 Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 12(6), pp. 864-874.
15. Compatibilization of starch/synthetic biodegradable polymer blends for packaging applications: A review

Open Access
Gunawardene, O.H.P., Gunathilake, C., Amaraweera, S.M., (…), Dassanayake R. S., Fernando, C.A.N., Manipura, A. 2021 Journal of Composites Science, 5(11), art. no. 300.
16. 3-hydroxy-5,6-epoxy-β-ionone isolated from invasive harmful brown seaweed sargassum horneri protects MH-S mouse lung cells from urban particulate matter-induced inflammation

Open Access
Asanka Sanjeewa, K.K., Kim, H.-S., Lee, H.-G., (…), Kim, J.-I., Jeon, Y.-J. 2021 Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11(22), art. no. 10929.
17. Mechanistic insight into apoptotic induction in human rhabdomyosarcoma and breast adenocarcinoma cells by chnoospora minima: A sri lankan brown seaweed

Open Access
Gunathilaka, T.L., Dilrangi, K.H., Ranasinghe, P., Samarakoon, K.W., Peiris, L.D.C. 2021 Pharmaceuticals, 14(11), art. no. 1154.
18. Regional variation in dengue virus serotypes in sri lanka and its clinical and epidemiological relevance

Open Access
Jayadas, T.T.P., Kumanan, T., Gomes, L., Jeewandara C., Malavige G. N., (…), Ramasamy, R., Ranasinghe D., Surendran, S.N. 2021 Diagnostics, 11(11), art. no. 2084.
19. Development of starch-based materials using current modification techniques and their applications: A review

Open Access
Amaraweera, S.M., Gunathilake, C., Gunawardene, O.H.P., (…), Dassanayake R.S., Rajapaksha S.M., Kulatunga, A.K., Manipura, A. 2021 Molecules, 26(22), art. no. 6880.
20. In vitro and in vivo photoprotective effects of (-)-loliode isolated from the brown seaweed, sargassum horneri

Open Access
Wang, L., Kim, H.-S., Je, J.-G., (…), Sanjeewa K.K.A., Yeo, I.-K., Jeon, Y.-J. 2021 Molecules, 26(22), art. no. 6898.


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