USJ Researchers published 38 Scopus Indexed papers in December 2022

Researchers from Science, Medical, Technology, Engineering, Management and Graduate Studies Faculties published Thirty-Eight research papers in Journals indexed by Elsevier Scopus during the month December 2022. Fifty-eight researchers from different departments of USJ contributed to this achievement. The web publishing team of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura acknowledges their contribution to upgrading the research standards of the University and expanding the knowledge base in the relevant subject areas.

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Row Number Document Title Authors Year Source
1 A taxonomic assessment of novel and remarkable fungal species in Didymosphaeriaceae (Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes) from plant litter Tennakoon, D.S., Thambugala, K.M., Silva, N.I.D., Suwannarach, N., Lumyong, S. 2022 Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, art. no. 1016285.
2 Acute postprandial gut hormone, leptin, glucose and insulin responses to resistant starch in obese children: A single blind crossover study Suntharesan, J., Atapattu, N., Jasinghe, E., (…), Luzio, S., Premawardhana, L. 2022 Archives of Disease in Childhood, art. no. 324203.
3 Administration of oral dosage forms of medicines to children in a resource limited setting Nadeshkumar, A., Sathiadas, G., Sri Ranganathan, S. 2022 PloS one, 17(12), p. e0276379.
4 Airborne Microplastics in Indoor and Outdoor Environments of a Developing Country in South Asia: Abundance, Distribution, Morphology, and Possible Sources Perera, K., Ziajahromi, S., Bengtson Nash, S., Manage, P.M., Leusch, F.D.L. 2022 Environmental Science and Technology.
5 Algal polysaccharides: Structure, preparation and applications in food packaging Thiviya, P., Gamage, A., Liyanapathiranage, A., (…), Koduru, J.R., Madhujith, T. 2023 Food Chemistry, 405, art. no. 134903.
6 An Analysis of Connectivity Between Dengue Cases and Climate Factors in Sri Lanka Based on Field Data Erandi, H., Wijaya, K.P., Ganegoda, N., Goetz, T. 2022 Mathematics in Industry, 39, pp. 189-195.
7 Antimicrobial MXene-based conductive alginate hydrogels as flexible electronics Wu, P., Qin, Z., Dassanayake, R., (…), Zhou, Y., Liu, Y. 2022 Chemical Engineering Journal, art. no. 140546.
8 Arsenic removal from aqueous solution: A comprehensive synthesis with meta-data Aktar, S., Mia, S., Makino, T., Rahman, M.M., Rajapaksha, A.U. 2023 Science of the Total Environment, 862, art. no. 160821.
9 Assessment of pan-Leishmania detection by recombinase polymerase amplification assay Louizi, C., Khan, M.A.A., Faisal, K., (…), Lüder, C.G.K., Abd El Wahed, A. 2023 Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, 105(2), art. no. 115862.
10 Can infectious modeling be applicable globally: Lessons from COVID-19 Magana-Arachchi, D.N., Wanigatunge, R.P., Vithanage, M.S. 2022 Current Opinion in Environmental Science and Health, 30, art. no. 100399.
11 Colour change and death-feigning by the Lyrehead Agama, Lyriocephalus scutatus (Linnaeus, 1758), as an anti-predatory behavioural strategy Mendis, V., Jayawickrama, H., Dasanayake, T., Jayasekara, D., Mahaulpatha, D. 2022 Herpetology Notes, 15, pp. 805-809.
12 Comparison of Performance of Various Homogeneous Alkali Catalysts in Transesterification of Waste Cooking Oil Miyuranga, K.A.V., Balasuriya, B.M.C.M., Arachchige, U.S.P.R., Jayasinghe, R.A., Weerasekara, N.A. 2022 Asian Journal of Chemistry, 34(12), pp. 3157-3161.
13 Effect of drying and frying pre-treatments on nutrient profile, antioxidant capacity, cooking time, and sensory acceptability of easy to cook jackfruit seeds Akmeemana, C., Wickramasinghe, I., Wanniarachchi, P.C., Vithanage, T. 2022 Applied Food Research, 2(2), art. no. 100234.
14 Effects of microfine aggregate in manufactured sand on bleeding and plastic shrinkage cracking of concrete Arulmoly, B., Konthesingha, C., Nanayakkara, A. 2022 Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering.
15 Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation of a Patient with Amelogenesis Imperfecta Using Adhesive and Non-Invasive Techniques: A Case Report Priyake D Palipana, Achini Adikari 2022 Dental Hypotheses
16 Fundamentals and applications of layered double hydroxides for fluoride removal Hettithanthri, O., Rajapaksha, A.U., Nanayakkara, N., Vithanage, M. 2022 Novel Materials for Environmental Remediation Applications: Adsorption and Beyond, pp. 225-246.
17 Identification of allergens in coconut milk and oil with patients sensitized to coconut milk in Sri Lanka Iddagoda, J., Gunasekara, P., Handunnetti, S., (…), de Silva, R., Dasanayake, D. 2022 Clinical and Molecular Allergy, 20(1), art. no. 14.
18 Impatiens jacobdevlasii (Balsaminaceae), a new species from Knuckles massif of Sri Lanka Bandara, C., Herath, S.B., Gopallawa, B., Attanayake, A. 2022 Phytotaxa, 543(3), pp. 181-187.
19 In-game winner prediction and winning strategy generation in cricket: A machine learning approach Pussella, P., Silva, R.M., Egodawatta, C. 2022 International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching.
20 Integration of in vitro and in-silico analysis of Caulerpa racemosa against antioxidant, antidiabetic, and anticancer activities Dissanayake, I.H., Bandaranayake, U., Keerthirathna, L.R., (…), Rizwan, A., Peiris, D.C. 2022 Scientific Reports, 12(1), art. no. 20848.
21 Interaction of Arsenic with Biochar in Water and Soil: Principles, Applications, and Prospects Koliyabandara, P.A., Kumarasinghe, U., Manatunga, D.C., (…), Dassanayake, R.S., Vithanage, M. 2023 Environmental Science and Engineering, pp. 129-158.
22 Mechanical, thermal, tribological, and flammability properties of polybutylene terephthalate composites: Comparing the effects of synthetic wollastonite nanofibers, natural wollastonite, and graphene oxide Chan, J.X., Wong, J.F., Hassan, A., (…), Yahaya, R., Gunathilake, T.M.S.U. 2022 Journal of Applied Polymer Science.
23 Microplastics and plastics-associated contaminants in food and beverages; Global trends, concentrations, and human exposure Sewwandi, M., Wijesekara, H., Rajapaksha, A.U., Soysa, S., Vithanage, M. 2023 Environmental Pollution, 317, art. no. 120747.
24 Oberonia mahaeliyensis (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae: Malaxideae), a new species from montane cloud forest of Sri Lanka Bandara, C., Lakkana, T., Ediriweera, S. 2022 Phytotaxa, 549(1), pp. 97-103.
25 Optimizing PV-Hosting Capacity with the Integrated Employment of Dynamic Line Rating and Voltage Regulation Dissanayake, R., Wijethunge, A., Wijayakulasooriya, J., Ekanayake, J. 2022 Energies, 15(22), art. no. 8537.
26 Phosphate functionalized activated carbon sachet filters for drinking water purification Madhusha, C., Weerasinghe, K., Munaweera, I., (…), Kalpage, C.S., Kottegoda, N. 2022 Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology.
27 Plant uptake of personal care products and biochar-assisted immobilization in soil: an appraisal Keerthanan, S., Rajapaksha, A.U., Mašek, O., Vithanage, M. 2022 Journal of Soils and Sediments.
28 Polymyalgia rheumatica presenting as sternoclavicular arthritis: a case report Madubashini, L.A.D.T., Lakmali, J.P.R., Perera, N. 2022 Journal of Medical Case Reports, 16(1), art. no. 474.
29 Prevalence of asthma and its symptoms in Sri Lankan adults Gunasekera, K.D., Amarasiri, W.A.D.L., Undugodage, U.C.M., (…), Perera, B.P.R., Wickremasinghe, A.R. 2022 BMC public health, 22(1), p. 2330.
30 Progress on microalgae cultivation in wastewater for bioremediation and circular bioeconomy Satya, A.D.M., Cheah, W.Y., Yazdi, S.K., (…), Vithanage, M., Show, P.L. 2023 Environmental Research, 218, art. no. 114948.
31 Purification of Residual Glycerol from Biodiesel Production as a Value-Added Raw Material for Glycerolysis of Free Fatty Acids in Waste Cooking Oil Miyuranga, K.A.V., Arachchige, U.S.P.R., Jayasinghe, R.A., Samarakoon, G. 2022 Energies, 15(23), art. no. 8856.
32 Synthesis and structural characterization of copper nanoparticles doped activated carbon derived from coconut coir for drinking water purification Madhusha, C., Jayasundara, T., Munaweera, I., (…), Ajayan, P.M., Kottegoda, N. 2023 Materials Today Chemistry, 27, art. no. 101312.
33 The first reported case of thinner sniffing in a Sri Lankan adolescent de Silva, Y., Wickramasinghe, K., Wijesekara, S. 2022 Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 51(4), pp. 615-616.
34 The habitus of individuals in performance measurement practices in universities: a case study Seneviratne, C.P., Hoque, Z. 2022 Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management.
35 Tricks and tracks in waste management with a special focus on municipal landfill leachate: Leads and obstacles Mohanty, S.S., Vyas, S., Koul, Y., (…), Show, P.L., Vithanage, M. 2022 Science of the Total Environment, art. no. 160377.
36 Upcycling: A new perspective on waste management in a circular economy Jayasinghe, R., Arachchige, P.H.L. 2022 Waste Technology for Emerging Economies, pp. 237-274.
37 Visible Light Active Silver Decorated Iron Titanate/Titanium Dioxide Nanohybrid for Sterilization of Explants Grown by In Vitro Technique Seneviratne, K.L., Munaweera, I., Peiris, S.E., (…), Peiris, C.N., Kottegoda, N. 2022 Advanced Materials Technologies.
38 White-collar money laundering through opportunistic earnings management: fair value accounting practices of failed finance companies in Sri Lanka Jayasekara, S.G.S.D., Perera, W., Ajward, R. 2022 Journal of Financial Crime.



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