Vibes of Marketing 2014


The “Vibes of Marketing 2014” organized by the Marketing Management Association of University of Sri Jayewardenepura was held successfully on 26th of November at University premises.

“Vibes of Marketing” is the annual talent show organized by the Department of Marketing Management which was staged for the 5th consecutive year. This is an iconic event of the Department and the University as it is the first ever talent show organized by a single Department in Sri Lankan university system. Since its inception, it has gained an immense reputation as it consists of an astonishing harmony of singing, dancing, acting, drawing and compeering.

In 2008, it was organized for the first time as an indoor performance and it reached the outdoor in 2012. The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that it is the only outdoor talent show which is performed by lecturers, alumni members and students of a single department on a single stage. The main objective of this event was to provide an arena for the talents of J’pura marketers. Apart from the main objective,the Department organized this event with the intention of developing the goodwill of the Department of Marketing Management, Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce the University at large. Vibes of Marketing 2014, the major annual event organized by the Marketing Management Association, was not an event of isolation. But it provided a stage for the best performance of first year undergraduates. Moreover, champions of the “Imminent Marketer”, the inter university marketing competition organized by the department, was awarded on the stage.

This was not another conventional type of talent show of undergraduates. But it was a novel experience to the audience. This novelty or the differentiation was made by means of creativity where students trained themselves to come out with innovative ideas as marketers. The success of this event was due to the excellent support extended by sponsors, Sri Lanka Telecom, Marmite-Unilever Sri Lanka, Coca-Cola, Neth FM, Saloon Sulees, CIC, Peoples Bank, Atlas, Development Lottery Board, Eyes (Dream Vision Solution Pvt Ltd company) and etc.

Audience around 3000 on the day, was the evidence for the success of the “Vibes of Marketing 2014”






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