Seventeen New Appointments to the Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura appointed 17 new faculty members to its three departments as permanent academic staff recently. The event of awarding appointment letters was held on 21st November 2018 at the Vice Chancellor’s office. The new appointees received their appointment letters from Senior Professor SampathAmaratunge- the Vice-Chancellor, Senior ProfessorSudanthaLiyanage- The Dean of faculty of technology, Professor D. P. S. Chandrakumara- the Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, ProfessorHiranAmarasekaraand the three Heads of Departments of faculty of technology, Dr. Renuka Nilmini, Dr. RandikaJayasinghe and Dr. NalakaLankasena.

Department of Bio-systems technology

Dr. (Mrs.). H.K.P.P. Kariyawasam
Dr. (Mrs.). K.P.P. Udayagee
Dr. G.L.R. Prasanga
Dr. (Mrs.). C.M. Senanayake
Dr. (Mrs.). D.G.N. Jayakody
Dr. D.J. Jayasanka
Dr. (Mrs.). A.M.A.U. Alahakoon

Department of Engineering Technology

Mr. S.B.A. Kumara
Mr.P.R.A.U. Sampath
Dr. H.P.C.P. Hewawasam
Dr. S.D. Widisinghe
Dr.(Mrs.). G.M.A.U.k. Gannoruwa
Dr. R.M.S.M. Rajapaksha

Department of Information and Communication Technology

Dr. S.R.B. Rajapakse
Mr. B.M. Pilanawithana
Dr. D.N.S. Kuruwitaarachchi
Dr. N. Skandhakumar

Along with these new appointments, the faculty of technology now comprises of 32 permanent faculty members. Speaking at this event, Prof. SampathAmarathunga highlighted the successful journey that the faculty of technology has come within a very short time period owing to the dedication and unwavering efforts of its Department Heads and founding and current Deans. While welcoming the new appointees on board, Prof. SudanthaLiyanage spoke of the importance of engaging in research, teaching as well as in community building for the development of a strong faculty.

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