Understanding Homosexuality and Sexual Orientation  

Homosexuality or being gay isn’t a disease but a difference in sexual orientation which makes one’s sexual preferences differ to that of the majority.

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Sexuality is understood in terms of Sexual identification, Sociological identification and Sexual Orientation which in turn could either be Heterosexual, Homosexual or even Bisexual. A society would usually have a majority of Heterosexuals; it however does not go to say that the other arrays of sexual orientation would not be present.

While Heterosexuality which prefers relationships of the opposite sex is on one end, Homosexualty which prefers the same sex is on the other. There are 5 other sections in between these two extremes.

What determines a person’s sexual orientation?

The reasons behind a person’s sexual orientation may vary and it is usually linked with different stages of life which one has passed when growing up: excessive attachment of the mother, loss of adequate paternal love and care in addition to the feeling of competition in terms of parental affection among siblings and the sentiment of defeat which may follow can be some of the many reasons that would further nurture one’s sexual orientation.

However while all of the above reasons are probable, we all can make certain choices that could help control such situations.

Do genes contribute towards Homosexuality. Is there a gay gene?

Yes, if a family member is/was a homosexual then there is a high chance that another person with that same sexual orientation may follow. In addition Bio diversity may also have an impact homosexuality. Eg: a lack of the Androgen hormone may cause homosexuality.

Are there social risks entailing homosexuality, if so what are they?

On personal level, homosexuality may cause medical conditions relating to STD’s. At present we detect around 20 HIV patients per month in Sri Lanka and approximately 80% of these patients are homosexuals between the ages of 25-29. Furthermore, a person with such a sexual orientation may have to face severe mental and social concerns at the hands of marriage and relationships. These reasons could even drive a person towards committing suicide which again is a serious concern regarding this matter.

Should we Legalize Homosexuality?

Certain international communities have legalized and are under the impression that legalizing homosexuality is the way to go. This notion is hard to agree with since this is a condition that can be controlled under correct supervision and advice. Therefore I believe that this is a situation we should tackle with and through knowledge.

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by Dr. Shantha Hettiarachchi
Chief Medical Officer of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura

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