A Serene Night With “Serendip”


Pradeep Rathnayake proved his absolute brilliance as Sitarist and composer once again at Pradeepanjalee, which was held at Lionel Wendt Theatre on 10th September 2015. His collaboration with maestro pianist Masahiko Satoh from Japan, created fusion music quite unheard of before.

The event organized by the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, was paralleled with the Sri Lankan launch of the CD ‘Serendip’ as well as the activation of the revamped website www.pradeepratnayake.com . The university, eager in its task in reviving intellectual and artistic taste in society, is proud to have been able to bring forth Pradeep Rathnayke’s internationally acclaimed talent to local ears : especially to give our youth the experience of such taste in music, in order to encourage them to explore the music arena at the same sphere. Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, provided keen support and guidance to the team behind the project, making it the success it proved to be.

The concert was graced by His Excellency Mr.Kenichi Suganuma, the Ambassador for Japan in Sri Lanka, Mr.Tissa Jayatilaka, the Executive Director, United States Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission, Prof.Ananda Jayawardene, Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa and other distinguished diplomats and academics. There were also a number of prominent musicians and artists in the gathering.

The show consisted of several joint presentations by Pradeep Rathnayake and Masahiko Satoh and a couple of solo items by each of them. Some items were enhanced with the assistance of other instruments  like the Tabla, Bass Guitar, Getabera, Tammattam, Udakki, Ghatam, Flute and Kahoon.  But the Sitar and the Piano played by the two main performers stole the show, which the audience confirmed with delightful applause at the end of each musical piece. There were compositions by both artists as well as several other known melodies from Indian Ragas, Nadagam, Nurti gee and Vannam, improvised to add variance to the show. The end was marked with a spectacular performance of all instruments amalgamated in a brilliant piece developed from the ‘Thuranga vannama’. The blend of East and West, in perfect harmony in the form of the Sitar and the Piano, was indeed a mesmerizing experience to all that were present.

The much awaited CD ‘Serendip’ was presented to the chief guest and other distinguished guests. The university presented tokens of appreciation to Pradeep Rathnayake and Masahiko Satoh for their excellence in this joint effort.


Musicians featured at Pradeepanjalee :

Sitar – Pradeep Ratnayake

Piano – Masahiko Satoh

Getabera – Ravibandu Vidyapathi

Tammattam, Ghatam, Udakki – Karunaratne Bandara

Tabla – Peshala Manoj

Flute – Sureka Amarasinghe

Bass Guitar – Suraj Gunawardana

Percussion & Kahoon – Isuru Perera




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