Carbon footprint reduction research by Prof. Kennedy Gunawardana

Prof Kennedy D GunawardanAdvancement in science and technology is a continual process and it sets tends in the world. A current trend in the world of business and economy is this rapid advancement of science and technology which has helped and strengthened the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to bring themselves to a state of becoming the engines of their country’s economy.

Because of increased population, urbanization and demand; this Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME) has uplifted to this state. And this has caused a huge competition in SME sector. In pursuit for opportunities to maximize production to satisfy customer needs, SMEs put a least priority about the effect to the environment during its manufacturing, selling, distribution and consumption stages.

There are a various ways that an industry can harm the environment and gaseous emissions of Carbon dioxide (CO2), is a severe case. This is when the term “Carbon Footprint“ comes in. Carbon Footprint is simply the amount of Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community. In order to protect the natural environment it is crucial for all the parties concerned to take up responsibility to include Carbon Footprint reducing measures during industrial processes.

Prof. Kennedy D. Gunawardana, a Senior Professor in the Faculty of Management studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, conducts researche on carbon footprint reduction recently. Professor Kennedy states that due to the high competition, SMEs tend to produce low cost and low quality products using unskilled labours, low quality methods, low quality technology & low quality material, which cause more damage to the natural environment.

Though major scale companies use recycling methods, waste controlling mechanisms and quality control mechanisms; SME’s can’t afford to practice such Enviornmental Friendly methods. Professor Kennedy added that in order to develop a country, SME sector plays a major role; so that SME development is very important.

There are abundant talent and knowledge in Sri Lanka to create and manufacture products but they lack capital. And Government can introduce a mechanism to upgrade and uplift them so that they can produce a better quality environment friendly products.

Professor Kennedy who is the first Professor in Accounting Information Systems in Sri Lanka, seeks ways to introduce new production mechanisms, conducting awareness programs and to direct for proper control and management towards minimizing the environmental damage on the theme of carbon footprint reduction through his new research field.

Professor Kennedy’s research papers are available in Science direct website and in Google scholar for reference.
Prof. Kennedy D Gunawardana’s Google Scholar Page

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