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Dr.S.K.Hettiarachchi Medical Center Jayewardenepura UniversityPsychological problems are a growing concern these days. It’s not a rare case that we see on the news that the youth of the nation especially young students make bad decisions in life. Students are increasingly struggling with emotional and behavioral problems that affect their learning. Studies have shown that the number of victims of these issues is far worse than that of the last decade and its growing year by year.  Therefore it’s vital to keep a good mental condition for the wellbeing of students and eventually to succeed with their education.

The chief medical officer of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura Medical Center, Dr. S.K. Hettiarachchi states that students need to have a good knowledge of the symptoms of an unhealthy mental condition so that timely action can be taken whenever such symptoms are noticed. These actions can in turn save their own lives or a colleague’s life. He specifically stated that a person needs to be more careful if several of these following symptoms are occurring.

Constantly in a worrying mood
problems in concentration, memory or logical thought and speech
Unhappiness without a justified cause
Loosing temper easily and often
Sleeping difficulties/ insomnia
Abrupt fluctuations in moods/ “mood swings”
Disliking others continuously
Prefer isolation/ social withdrawal and loss of interest in others
Disturbed excessively in an incident
Getting scared for unjustifiable causes and heightened sensitivity
Thinking as himself always right and the other person is wrong
Aches and pains without a physical cause

Dr. Hettiarachchi giving an important message, asked every university student to be alert on this and if they are having several of the above symptoms, students should not hesitate to get the assistance of Sri Jayewardenepura University Medical Center.
The University Medical Center has always been providing their friendly service to the university students, treating both physical illnesses and, psychological and personal problems.  They can be contacted through phone or even by SMS at the number stated below.

Contact  – Dr. S.K. Hettiarachchi
Chief Medical Officer
Medical Health Centre
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Binoy Binoy Abeywickrama

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