“Diploma in Applied Tamil Language” by the FHSS, USJ recognized as an Exemption from the Official Language Proficiency Requirement in Sri Lanka


The Diploma in Applied Tamil Language, offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, USJ has been designated as a course with the possibility of exemption from the official language proficiency requirement in line with Sri Lanka’s official language policy. As per the approval under Public Administration Circular No. 18/2020, this course fulfills the language requirement for public servants.

Organized by the Center for Digital Education and Professional Development, the Applied Tamil Language Diploma Course focuses specifically on the Tamil language, one of the three official languages of Sri Lanka alongside Sinhala and English. This course offers the privilege of studying Tamil as a second language to both internal and external students. Moreover, this government university diploma course provides external students with the opportunity to pursue a high-quality program to meet their professional needs.

The Applied Tamil Language Diploma Course equips students with knowledge in various areas, including Tamil script and grammar, literature comprehension, Tamil cultural awareness, referencing skills, translation methods, practical writing, and speaking abilities.

For more detailed information on the Applied Tamil Language Diploma Course and its offerings, please refer to: https://cdepd.fhss.sjp.ac.lk/courses/diploma/tamil/

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