First International Research Conference on Gender Studies (ICRGS) 2023


The first-ever International Research Conference on Gender Studies, held on the 12th and 13th of October 2023, was a significant event that brought together scholars, students, organizations, and communities to discuss and raise awareness about various gender-related issues. This conference, organized by the Gender Equity and Equality Center in collaboration with the Equal Opportunity Cell of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, aimed to foster greater understanding, dialogue, and action concerning gender matters. The theme, “Towards a Society of Equal Opportunity,” set the stage for a two-day event filled with insightful discussions and informative sessions.

Behind this incredible event were some truly amazing individuals. Professor Shirantha Heenkenda served as the Conference Advisor and played a crucial role in making sure everything ran smoothly. Professor Neranji Wijewardhana, as the Conference Chair, led the way in bringing together scholars, students, and activists to share their knowledge. Dr. Nelum Kanthilatha held the position of Secretary, while Mr. Anura Jayasinghe managed the finances as the Treasurer.

One of the highlights was the keynote speech by Dr. Akiko Nakayama from Hiroshima University, Japan. Dr. Nakayama took us on an enlightening journey through the interplay of gender and language learning. It was a fascinating look at how language and gender connect, and how understanding this connection can lead to a more inclusive world.

The conference covered a range of essential topics, including gender and crime, gender and society, gender, culture, and religion, and many more. These discussions provided a deep understanding of how gender plays a role in different aspects of our lives.
Before the event, there were some crucial dates to keep in mind. Abstracts (short summaries of the talks) had to be submitted by July 30th, and notifications of acceptance were sent out on August 30th. After some feedback and adjustments, the final abstracts were due by September 15th. And for those who wanted to attend, registration closed on September 20th.

For those who presented their research, there was an exciting opportunity. Some of the best papers will be published in the ‘Pumithiri’ e-Journal, giving these important ideas an even broader audience.This conference was more than just a gathering of minds; it was a step towards a more equal and inclusive society. It brought together students, scholars, and activists to share knowledge and experiences. It’s events like these that remind us all of the importance of understanding and respecting each other, regardless of our gender.

The First International Conference on Gender Studies in 2023 was a resounding success, and it’s a memory that will stay with all who attended. Here’s to more events like this, and to a future where equality reigns supreme.

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