Happening Now – Special Job fair for Faculty of Engineering Graduates | Touch the Peak 2022

Special Job fair for Faculty of Engineering Graduates of Civil Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Graduates is happening now. This job fair is only for the registered graduates for this specific event. This is an online event, graduates who wish to have interviews will have to contact Career Guidance Unit to get the registration number and the link to participate to the interviews in this mini-special job fair.

The Career Guidance Unit for Fresh Graduates annually organizes the “Touch the Peak” annual job fair with the aim of connecting graduates with suitable industries to support them in starting their careers.

According to the economic issues in the country, many civil engineering graduates face difficulties in losing their jobs due to lacking opportunities in the construction industry. According to these circumstances for the Civil engineering graduates and mechanical engineering graduates, the Career guidance unit has taken an immediate decision for holding a mini job fair for them apart from the main Job fair” Touch the Peak”. The Faculty of Engineering fresh graduates’ main “Touch the Peak” annual fair is coming soon after completing their final year exams next November 2022.

So, communicating with the industry and researching vacancies related to the above fields or any general management post for these graduates are also bringing at this special fair for solving these immediate problems of graduate students.
So, we are honored to introduce these reputed companies in the industry as our recruitment partners and, we express our gratitude to them for joining hands with us to solve this immediate problem.

Contact Career guidance unit of USJ for more information. http://career.sjp.ac.lk/


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