International Coastal Clean-up Day 2015 : Clean and Green is our Dream  

This year’s Ocean Day and International Coastal Clean-up Day was marked with another special project by students of J’pura. Nearly 150 students joined hands with Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) to participate in a beach clean-up at Mt.Lavinia on the 19th September from 7.00 am– 11.00 am.

Sri Lanka is an island treasured with a beautiful beach all around us. And our beach is one of the main attractions we have to offer in our tourism. In addition, it also provides a livelihood for residents of the coastal area through the fisheries industry. Our beach is an economic resource for us. But it is rather unfortunate that these beaches have been neglected by many and to this date remain a dumping yard for all sorts of garbage. It is high time we realize that it is our duty to protect the beauty and sanity of our beaches, so that we may enjoy them in future too.

With this idea in mind, the beach clean-up 2015 was organized and the university willingly took part in it with the motto “CLEAN AND GREEN IS OUR DREAM”. Students, representing the faculties Medical Sciences, Applied Sciences, Management Studies and Humanities and Social Sciences were included in university’s 150 member team. During the time allocated, they managed to clean a stretch of 1 ½ km of the Mt.Lavinia beach to restore its’ natural splendor.

The project commenced with an inauguration organized by the Divisional Secretariat and the Hoteliers Organization of Mt.Lavinia. The vice Chancellor, Prof.Sampath Amaratunge also joined the group of students to give them encouragement. A move much appreciated by the students no doubt.

The constant pollution of Sri Lankan beaches is an ever growing problem. The team realizes this danger and therefore, have decided to collaborate with the Mt.Lavinia Hoteliers Organization and continue the program. It is yet another community service to showcase the social responsibility nurtured in our youth by the university.


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