The aura of rural village, Buddhism and folk life – By Rohana Baddage

Our rural village of earlier times was rich in natural beauty and our very own social ethics. There was so much of nature to be enjoyed and no traces of present day pollution or materialism could be found. The villagers and their thinking had always been affected by this surrounding nature. They attempted to describe their life and daily struggles in poems and verses, and the images which represented these issues were taken from nature. Even the tunes they used related to rhythms of nature.  Although these images were ordinary and the language was simple, the villagers have been successful in inserting deep thinking into them. They even talked of matters relating to Buddhism and spiritual concerns through their poetry. So by analyzing former rural life style and the village, we can conclude that their lives indeed had been richer than we realize. Though it is hard to find such soulful natural and human creations now, it is the duty of the adult generation to pass the importance of this bygone culture to the younger generation who has given themselves to materialism. It is the only way we can preserve our identity in a society which has forgotten our values.


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