J’pura Employability Skills Awards (JESA) 2024: Registrations Are Now Open

Candidate registrations are now open for JESA 2024, organized by the Career Skills Development Society in collaboration with the Career Guidance Unit of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, for the 10th consecutive year. It is the grandest stage built for the brilliant undergraduates who have shown their mastery in both academics and extra-curriculars.

To admire those personalities for their sensational efforts throughout the years, JESA 2024 comes with fourteen (14) awards.

Best Innovator Award

A person who thinks differently about doing something desirable for society, is crowned as the ‘Best Innovator’. This award is established to praise the pioneering undergraduates who possess the ability to think and work beyond the convention. This year, the Best Innovator Award has been reenergized and has surpassed its usual scope calling applications from all the undergraduates of the State Universities in Sri Lanka.

Best Creative Designer Award

This exceptional award is granted to undergraduates who are endowed with creativity, innovative ideas, and design skills. Undergraduates who make creations, which are introduced and produced by utilizing their skills full of artistry and imaginativeness, are conferred as the “Best Creative Designer”.

Best Young Entrepreneur Award

A young undergraduate who operates his or her own business while accepting not only the rewards but also the risks to have a great impact on society is conferred as the ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’. All those who have the potential to manage academic and business work equally well are eligible to apply.

Best Team Player Award

Undergraduate who stays humble, flexible, and strategic, believing in others’ talents, and giving the necessary respect and support for boosting others, is conferred as the ‘Best Team Player’. This is to encourage undergraduates who are working with team spirit while involved in teamwork activities towards the success of his/ her team effectively.

Best Communicator Award

Undergraduates who possess the ability to convey, explain, or exchange information, ideas, and details eloquently to others are identified in this award. Proactive, honest, having better listening skills, concise, and reliable person is crowned as the “Best Communicator”.

Best Leader Award

An undergraduate who possesses the best perspectives, integrity, clear vision, conviction, humility, and self-awareness is predominantly crowned as the Best Leader. This award empowers the undergraduates of the university to take responsible leadership while engaging in extra-curricular activities.

Best CSR Award

Corporate Social Responsibility in JESA, is the commitment by the university undergraduates to contribute to the community while keeping sustainability, social impact, and ethics as an incentive attempt. Any individual or an organization of undergraduates who retain the aspects of the CSR are eligible to apply. The most inspiring, impactful, and sustainable project is crowned as the “Best CSR”.

Best Employability Skills Schiever (BESA) Award

Undergraduates who are all-rounders in every task and do well in academics simultaneously in sports, extra-curricular activities, and university clubs/ societies. This award is conferred to appreciate the versatile undergraduate in each faculty. The best, multitalented, and skillful undergraduate is crowned as the ‘BESA’ award winner conformed to the faculty.

To apply, please visit us on http://jesa.lk/register

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