“Ketapath Pawura” – a platform for student creativity


wedikawen mahapolowata - Katapath Paura

The mirror wall or ‘ketapath pawura’ is here again. As a showcase for creativity of the Sri Jayawardenepura students, it stands taking in works of art, poems, verses, quotes, drawings and even pieces of songs. Within a short period of time, the ‘wall’ is almost filled. These days it is a familiar picture to anyone who passes the shady path where the ‘wall’ is situated, to see students stopping by to either put down their own thoughts on it or simply to read and admire.

Many of the writings are ideas or feelings closest to their hearts and minds. Most are based on love : it being a subject much relevant to youth. They speak of relationships, failure in love, and even of hopes on someone that are otherwise repressed within themselves. There are also writings about struggles they go through during studies. One poem explains in detail the food they get at the canteen and it is a good blend of sarcasm and hilariousness. Quite a number of odes can be found too. There are several dedications they’ve made to their parents, and some made in the name of the university, appreciating their source of knowledge. They even address current topics and social issues using the poetic medium. Quite creative indeed!

Whichever type of production it could be, the ‘ketapath pawura’ is a perfect chance for students to freely try out their artistic talents. It consists of various themes, styles, languages, and presentations. Some ideas are rather bold and outspoken, proving them to belong to youthful spirit, while others are mild and touching, indicating they too have their softer sides. Here and there, you can find comic references as well, adding variety to the ‘wall’.

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