Prof. Stefan Schaltegger appointed as KPMG Professor in Accounting

KPMG Professor in Accounting

The Department of Accounting appointed Prof. Stefan Schaltegger for the post of Endowed KPMG Professor in Accounting of the Department of Accounting during his stay in Sri Lanka alongside the EMAN Global Conference 2015. He completed the following activities under this post.

  • Served as the Keynote Speaker of the EMAN Global Conference 2015
  • Served as a resource person of the EMAN Global Conference 2015
  • Conducted the staff development session organized for the academic staff members of the Universities and PhD students in Management of the FMSC
  • Served as a guest speaker of the Business Forum on Sustainability Management Accounting
  • Conducted a session for KPMG-Sri Lanka on the latest developments in accounting for sustainability and sustainability reporting, and their implications on assurance services.
  • Initiated the ground work relating to future research studies to be conducted by the Department on accounting for sustainability.


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