The Annual Diploma Awarding Ceremony of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 2024

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura proudly organized its annual diploma award ceremony on March 3, 2024, at the Pitipana Faculty of Technology Auditorium. The event aimed to honor the achievements of over a thousand students who successfully completed various diploma courses.

In the first session, diploma certificates were conferred upon students who completed various courses, including Buddhist Counseling, Buddhist Studies, Information Technology, Development Policy Analysis, Economics and Information Technology, Sociology, and Social Work. The guest speaker for this session was Mr. Mahendra Jayasekara, Managing Director of Ceylon Tiles and President of the Colombo Youth Buddhist Association.

The second session witnessed the presentation of diplomas to students who successfully completed English Diploma (External), English Diploma (Internal), and Japanese Language Diploma courses. Mr. Bandara Wijeratne, General Manager of the FM Derana Radio Channel, delivered the guest speech.

The third session featured the awarding of diplomas in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Rural Development, History, Addiction Psychology and Rehabilitation, Writing and Communication, and Applied Tamil. The guest speaker for this session was veteran film director Mr. Parakrama Niriella.

The final session, the fourth session, recognized the achievements of students in the fields of criminal investigation and modern technology, legal education for crime prevention and control, criminal psychology and offender counseling, and criminology. The guest speech was delivered by the National Executive Director of the Police Training College, DIG Jaliya Senaratne.

Professor Shiranta Heenkenda, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, expressed confidence that the diploma holders would contribute significantly to the country’s intellectual workforce. He emphasized the importance of developing awareness within the Sri Lankan community and providing formal education opportunities. Congratulating over a thousand students on their achievements, Professor Shirantha Heenkenda expressed a commitment to expanding educational opportunities for academic education in the Sri Lankan community.

More Photographs: Japura Media

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