The dancing extravaganza of future managers, “RADIX 2017”- second round

The dancing extravaganza of future managers, “RADIX 2017”- second round unfolded on the 07th September 2017 at the Bandaranayake Hall of University of Sri Jayawardenepura from 6.00 pm onwards. RADIX 2017 is the first ever inter-university dancing competition for the management undergraduates organized by the Business Economics Students’ Association (BIZCON), Department of Business Economics, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce. Nine extremely talented dancing troops representing the management faculties of four leading universities namely University of Colombo, Ruhuna, Wayamba and Sri Jayewardenepura performed on the stage under the theme of “humanity”.

The gathering which consisted of academic and non academic members of the universities, parents and undergraduates was really excited of the vibrant dancing skills of the future mangers of the country. The distinguished judge board consisted of two legendary personnel of the performing arts industry, Mr. Kulasiri Budawatta and Mrs. Nemali Budawatta. Other judges who contributed for the event representing the younger generation were Ms. Shashila Perera, Mr. Imalka Venroy and Mr. Baskar Prakash. Having witnessed the marvelous dancing acts of the contestants, Ms. Nemali Budawatta once exclaimed, “I am really impressed by seeing how wonderfully these educated young people perform their acts on stage. Being management undergraduates, it is hard to believe how you had this much of inborn dancing talents within you and I really appreciate the opportunity that the RADIX organizing committee has given you all to express your potentials in front of whole world today”.

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